Sukeban & Their Latex Rock On

Back last fall the all-female Japanese wrestling league Sukeban made their New York City debut, some festooned in latex couture I had helped make. Collaborating with fashion designer Olympia Le-Tan, the lady wrestlers were attired in wildly colorful costumes. Blending fashion, anime, and traditional Japanese women’s wrestling couture, these fantastic athletes engage in a form …


Method Dressing

And less we forget, Zendaya’s red carpet appearance with Timothée Chalamet in Seoul, South Korea recently.

‘Selling Sunset’ Shines In Latex

We will even skirt around the shiny and lubed 800lb. gorilla in the room when we don’t find any latex wardrobe to drool over by reporting on some other kind of alternative fashion that might make our grade

Swans, Argylle and Katy’s Antennas

Chasing down celebrities wearing a latex accessory or an entire latex wardrobe when making particular appearances, during on-stage performances, or even in video clips can feel like a full-time job.

Latex Q&A

The WearLatex site has just published its Latex Guide – It lists two categories of questions, ranging from those with “zero knowledge up to a complete latex geek.”

Celebrate International Fetish Day

Wearing latex next Friday or any other day of the week might indeed show you have a fetish or two, or maybe that you just like dressing in latex.

The Real Housewives Of….Latex

This week, though, there was a good amount of our favorite textile both seen and even talked about in connection with the Bravo hit series.

Shania Latex?

And as far as daring sexy looks go (as much for her and others in her videos), we can’t forget Shania’s infamous Man! I Feel Like A Woman video.

Blackpink At 7

Taylor Swift might be celebrating her ‘eras,’ but did you know that K-pop group Blackpink celebrates the 7th anniversary of their debut this week; music, alt. couture, and indeed some latex wardrobe all feature in their unprecedented ascendency.

The Burning Of Atlanta, Again, With Latex

We hardly, if ever though, have heard of a latex mishap like the one that happened last night to cause I-285 to be closed until opening just this morning.

Barbie Courts Controversey

The new Barbie movie, starring Margot Robbie as everybody’s favorite doll, and directed by Great Gerwig, features a scene stirring up a no-show ban in some Asian countries.

The Shiny Sofa, Latex Fashion Podcast

Yes, The Shiny Sofa originates from the UK, a country with a grand latex fashion tradition, as much born from the fetish scene as haute couture.

The Consequences Of Releasing Your Corset

rable in a way trad. corsets simply can’t be (not that there is anything wrong with a corset made from satin, leather, silk brocade, or any other material); the way in which a latex corset hugs the body makes it unique.

Latex & Museums: So Happy Together

And the more popular and ubiquitous our favorite textile becomes, the more opportunities are presented to us from various media.

The Return of Alternate Fashion Partying?

We can only hope what happened in Germany and here in the UK are only the beginning of a consistent renewed trend of fashion shows and parties celebrating all these textiles we love so much.

Meta Fashion

ive as address the current expectations of their students, the ESMOD is bolstering their usual digital software training with the classes they already teach in model making and product development.

Met Gala, Part 2, May 2nd, 2022

of latex couture at the Met Gala doesn’t mean we all haven’t seen some arresting alternate fashion moments.

Kim Kardashian Does It Again

rd to say who champions or simply wears latex more, a Kim Kardashian, a Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Katy Perry, or most recently, Christina Aquilera. She seems to be showing up just about everywhere these days in latex or leather.

Sharon Stone And ‘That’ Dress

The dress was designed specifically to give Stone the ability to move her arms and legs, and as she says, “take up space, and exercise control over a room full of men.”

The Many Turns Of Dakota Johnson

Wearing lingerie as outer wear, haute couture fashions or trending accessories like the shest, it is indeed fun following Dakota Johnson.