Western Wear and Punk: Paris Fashion Week Notables

Even if your latex wardrobe is the driving factor in what you wear, it’s still fun to peek at what might be coming to mainstream haute couture. Sometimes, we can be surprised by some up-and-coming collections, and surely two shows at Paris Fashion Week fit this bill.

The first was Pharrell Williams showcasing a cowboy-themed collection for Louis Vuitton. Beginning with some sneak peek photos on Instagram, Williams followed through in grand style at a ‘pop-up’ venue that sported a giant video screen projecting a barren desert scene. Models wore silk shirts, embellished denim chaps, and cowboy scenes on jackets, with almost all who walked the show wearing some sort of cowboy hat.

Citing that original cowboys were black and Native American, Williams was sure to add accessories made in collaboration with Native American artists from the Dakota and Lakota nations and have music with his runway co-composed by himself and Lakota “Hokie” Clairmont, performed by the group Native Voices of Resistance. 

With his Kidill brand, Japanese designer Hiroaki Sueyasu paid homage to Jamie Reid. Reid is the artist and graphic designer known for designing the logos, posters, and the “ransom note” font for the 1977 album cover for the Sex Pistols iconic punk masterpiece “Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols.” 

“Jamie was my very starting point,” Sueyasu announced in a press statement. Reid passed away last August.

Sueyasu and Reid first collaborated for Kidill’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection five years ago. With his Fall/Winter 2024 collection, Sueyasu dressed models in his new collection’s bright and colorful pieces. Wearing black ties against asymmetrical pink two pieces, the words “Who killed Bambi?” printed across them, there were also plenty of platform combat boots, spiked collars, leather cuffs, plaid skirts, mohawks, pants with buckles making the runway.

There was also some sure gothic attire, heavy “guyliner,” and lots of black pantyhose.  

Who says Paris Fashion week can’t get edgy and show off some cowboys?

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