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Dawnamatrix is a USA-based latex fashion designer specializing in bespoke handcrafted latex fashion and rubber couture. Across our various pages you will find the full range of our latex garments and accessories, social media connections, our blog, and full contact information. Whether you are a stylist, seasoned fashionista, fetish model, or simply looking for a few pieces of latex rubber clothing to spice-up your wardrobe we hope you will find something to delight, inspire, and intrigue you with what we present in our latex clothing shop. Consistently updating our latex apparel and bespoke garments, adding to our costumes from the ever-changing landscape of popular media, and keeping you informed with what is happening in our community, these digital pages are a home to all who come seeking alternative fashion and latex clothing online.

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Dawnamatrix in the Press

The Waterproof Collection

Our newest collection “Waterproof” demonstrates a range of classic rain-ready outerwear. Brighten the sidewalk with these original latex raincoats and jackets. “Waterproof” is for the fashion-forward cosmopolitan, who is tired of their dreary rain gear.

The Space and Time collection

A collision of the resplendent past and the far future creates a dramatic aesthetic in this rare collection. Each item is a meditation of timeless beauty, to be enjoyed throughout the universe. From our unique Galaxy Catsuit to our iconic Spiked Bodysuit, this collection of unique latex couture demands the attention of all eyes in the room.

The Basics Collection

Timeless classics such as stockings, cocktail dresses, and gloves.  Our Basics may be worn as staple wardrobe pieces, mixed and matched with our other collections, or used to accessorize fabric garments.