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Gift Certificate Instructions

Please select the amount of your gift certificate by choosing a quantity in increments of $1.00.  For example, indicate quantity “100” for a $100.00 value gift certificate. The gift certificate will be sent to the recipient in the form of a coupon code which can be redeemed at the final stage of the checkout. Gift certificates are sent electronically to the email address given within 12 hours of purchase, and are valid for 12 months from issuance.

The private details of the sender are not shared. The recipient will only receive details that you enter above. The emailed gift certificate will show Dawnamatrix Sales as the sending address, along with the coupon code.  Please note that the purchaser’s delivery address and billing address that appear in the checkout and on your invoice will not be sent to the recipient.

Gift certificates cannot be returned or exchanged for credit, and can only be used to purchase items from Gift certificates can only be cancelled for a complete refund to the purchaser within 1 hour of purchase. Items (not including custom orders) bought using gift certificates can be exchanged for their full value. Returned items purchased completely or in part by a gift certificate can only be refunded for monies paid in excess of the gift certificate value. If the items purchased exceed the gift certificate amount the remaining value must be paid by credit card/PayPal in order to complete the order.  If a balance is left over on the gift certificate, an updated gift certificate coupon code reflecting the remaining balance will be issued within 12 hours.