Latex Clothing Care

Latex clothing requires special care in order to preserve the unique qualities of the garments.  We offer the beGLOSS line of premium imported latex care products to efficiently wear, shine, and wash your garments so they may be enjoyed for years to come.


We recommend the beGLOSS care products Easy Glide Dressing Aid and Perfect Shine, available at .

Let garment soak in a tub full of water with beGLOSS Special Wash, available at   Hang garment to dry. Once the garment is completely dry, inside and out, treat your garments with silicone or talcum powder and store garment away from sunlight.  White tissue paper may be used to further protect the garment, placed flat in between garment layers.

Make sure the piece is 100% dry before storing in a zip-lock bag or other air tight container.


  • DO NOT use oil based lubricants and avoid over shining appliqué details. Lubricants can seep into seams which can cause the seam to become unbound.
  • AVOID sharp objects, such as long nails and jewelry. Take off all jewelry when putting on or taking off your garment. AVOID perfume, body sprays, and oils. AVOID metal objects, such as coins, belts, and body piercings or copper, brass, and bronze based items. AVOID hanging garments with thin straps or on metal hangers. Smokers should AVOID touching light color latex as nicotine stains the material.
  • Any light color latex, such as pink and white, will stain easily. Store these pieces separately.