Viva Glam Billion Dollar Ball Fashions

When you call yourself the Viva Glam Billion Dollar Ball, we might expect some interesting wardrobe choices among the attendees…as well as some latex. MAC Cosmetics held their annual party last Wednesday in New York City and it was attended by the likes of Winnie Harlow, Lourdes Leon, Kim Petras, and a host of others. …


Latex Redux

It’s one thing to slip into a latex wardrobe for an award show red carpet strut-in. Or to be seen in some skin-tight latex couture for a superhero role you have stepped into. And we constantly point out singers wearing latex costumes for video or stage appearances. But when our best and brightest show up …


Sukeban & Their Latex Rock On

Back last fall the all-female Japanese wrestling league Sukeban made their New York City debut, some festooned in latex couture I had helped make. Collaborating with fashion designer Olympia Le-Tan, the lady wrestlers were attired in wildly colorful costumes. Blending fashion, anime, and traditional Japanese women’s wrestling couture, these fantastic athletes engage in a form …


Noah Cyrus & Kesha Lead Off The Summer stage Latex couture

With music festivals beginning their 2024 summer run in the U.S. as well as in Europe, we were thrilled to find latex fully on display, on stage, at one of the biggest and best gatherings just last week. Kicking off Pride Month in West Hollywood, the Outloud Music Festival boasted an amazing array of talent, …


The Four L’s For Wearing Latex In The Summertime

There’s no mistaking that the warmer weather is upon us now…so, is it still time for latex? We believe that Following these FOUR L’S below see you through the sticky hot weather, while still wearing latex. We have been championing the wonderful array of modern-day latex color choices for some time now. Why not avail …


Megan Thee Stallion LOves Gaming & latex

We try, but can’t always keep up with every stunning use of latex couture in music video. Megan Thee Stallion’s new BOA clip slid by us the first of the month, but below we pay tribute to the song as well as all the wonderful wardrobe choices the singer runs through, and her take on …


Julia Fox V.s. Bianca Censori?

Surely, we have seen both ladies in latex couture a time or two. But when it comes to showing off how comfortable they are in their skin, as well as showing some, Julia Fox and Bianca Censori seem to be locked in a competition of fashion that consistently reveal much more than just attitude. These …


Kim Fitting

Proving nothing ever dies on the Internet—not even a latex wardrobe dressing moment—a clip has just resurfaced of Kim Kardashian that has her fans considering (and posting about) the lady’s fashion choices. Back in 2020, Kim attended a Balenciaga fashion show with sister Kourtney during Paris Fashion Week. In the clip, first aired on Keeping Up …


Stepping Out and Making Statements: Cher & Chris Hemsworth

Not that any everyday guy or gal would know this, but I guess we could assume by all we have seen of the yearly movie extravaganza, that there is a dress code celebrities keep to when walking the red carpet at Cannes. Just this week, actor Chris Hemsworth violated that ‘code’ when he appeared at the movie festival for his new movie Furiosa: A Mad …


Latex Catwalk Show at This Year’s Expo Erotica

As we have surely experienced, there are so many ways a designer can showcase their latex couture.  We have been invited to reveal our Dawnamatrix Designs down the runway of a weekend get-together featuring us in their alternate fashion section. We have also been among a global hand-picked group of latex designers gathered for a …


A Latex Wedding-Part 2, Pre & Post The Wedding And Reception

So, let’s talk about pre and post-wedding latex wear. Yes, we will get to the wedding night, but if you can stay salivating for the moment 😊, let’s first address the pre-wedding possibilities, in the form of the bachelorette party and the after-wedding party. Ever more complicated and longer than a traditional girl-only bar-hopping evening or tea-time afternoon, bachelorette …


A Latex Wedding-Part 1, The Wedding and Reception

As is true every year with June looming, we get into a latex bridal couture frame of mind. Certainly, these days, brides, and even grooms are enjoying wholly new and creative wardrobe choices for what they wear for their actual wedding ceremony, as much as employing a whole host of modern ways to bring that ceremony off.  But, more than …


Ageless In Latex

Another two examples of more mature celebrities wearing latex couture this week prove what we always say about latex….it is for any person, of any age. Fifty-eight-year-old Elizabeth Hurley cavorted for an Instagram photo shoot promoting her new film Strictly Confidential, an “erotic-thriller,” directed by her son Damian. Wearing a lace black top, but most notably a shiny red latex skirt, …


OMG Fashun…OMG Latex?

We have surely seen enough television broadcast competition shows to last us a lifetime.

Nike sexualizes Paris?

It should be noted that Nike will offer over fifty pieces for athletes to wear, which include, compression shorts, and crop top bodysuits with shorts.

Shakira In Plastic

What we don’t seem to consider all that often though, at least not in a fashion sense, is plastic wardrobe pieces.

Getting Hasty With Beyoncé

Five years in the making as Beyoncé’s eighth studio album is the second installment of her trilogy project that began with 2022’s Renaissance.

Latex Couture With Night CluB

Night Club, an electronica group for L.A. is using latex—once again— for full fantastic effect in the video for their new release “Barbwire Kiss.”

New Superman Couture

In the same universe, but over on the comic book side of things, Power Girl received a couture update in official art this week.

Oscar Latex? Yes!

And while most men were in a classic black tux, there was no missing Ryan Gosling singing “I’m Just Ken,” in a full pink suit during the show itself.

Terminatrix4 from Peter Czernich

In his new kickstarter campaign, Czernich is taking inspiration from his three decades, and his knowledge of past design to create a brand-new collection. 

Paris In Latex

From either what is seen across a runway or maybe worn by a well-known attendee, we need aways keep our eyes peeled, and hope springs eternal here at Dawnamatrix Designs.

Method Dressing

And less we forget, Zendaya’s red carpet appearance with Timothée Chalamet in Seoul, South Korea recently.

‘Selling Sunset’ Shines In Latex

We will even skirt around the shiny and lubed 800lb. gorilla in the room when we don’t find any latex wardrobe to drool over by reporting on some other kind of alternative fashion that might make our grade