Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 Kills at CinemaCon 2017

Sand, ‘duster’ coats, scary music, dystopian cities teaming with rain, Harrison Ford and maybe the hope to see some latex costumes: Blade Runner returns. The brand new trailer for Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to the 1982 film, is as much making the rounds online presently (see here), as it made fans scream at Cinemacon […]

Queen Of Carnage cropped

All Worship The Queen Of Carnage

Opera with kink, fetish clothing and projections…how could you beat this night out in old London Town? ETERNUS PRODUCTIONS presents Sobriety Twist and her talented minions in Queen of Carnage at The Space. With none other than Ian McKellen one of the better-known patrons behind this intimate theater [email protected] Westferry Road, Isle Of Dogs, E14 […]


BeGLOSS For You, Your Latex and A Shiny Good Time

From something as simple yet necessary as a polishing cloth to a hygienically safe easy glide dressing gel Dawnamatrix presents the full range of your latex and skin care needs with BeGLOSS. Imported from Germany, formulated specifically for high-end latex garments, the BeGLOSS line is high-grade professional quality care items, the very best for keeping […]


Lucci Auctions and Lunches

Teaming up with estate seller Everything But the House, Lucci has some items starting at a price of only one dollar and the action, which runs until March 10th, will donate a portion of Lucci’s sale to United Cerebral Palsy of New York City (her grandson is afflicted with the disease). Included in the collection […]

speed week pic-crop

Making A Monster Out Of A Midriff

There can be many reasons why a lady or man would dress in what the mainstream would think provocative, sexy, alternative …use the term you like. But in advertising, as was certainly Monster’s motivation, it’s obvious that a comely lady dressed provocatively turns eyes to whatever product that lady might be showing off or supporting. […]

Las Pozas

Dawnamatrix In Los Pazos

For us it’s not always just about latex clothing, high fashion alternative models, talented photographers or runways. Sometimes it’s where we find our wares, in lush locations, in faraway surreal landscapes or even busy streets bustling with nightlife and attitude that brings a thrill. In this recent posting: of an article that first appeared […]



LondonEdge Magazine, the publication behind these shows showcases styles and trends as their ethos because they: “think change is good.” Going on to declare: “Supporting the alternative fashion industries as we do, we know that trends and styles change all the time. We also know that counter culture is constantly moving and evolving. We embrace […]