Mayim Bialik

Might Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler Change The World?

We would certainly concur that it’s pretty much a slow news day when there is nothing being said about latex couture or alternative fashion. Alas, we have to take what we can then, hoping the latest Marvel movie or GoT report will feed our need or a new Taylor Swift, or Katy Perry video might […]

Boy on a Dolphin

Camp: Notes on Fashion; The Oh-So-Creative Couture @ The 2019 Met Gala

overs of alternative wear are consistently tickled by the lace, latex, and all around wild fashions revealed at the yearly Metropolitan Museum of Art Couture Costume Institute Gala. This year the wardrobe revealed at the 2019 Met Gala, played fast and loose with the theme of ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion.’


“Let The Wookie Win”: A Tribute To Peter Mayhew

Not that he ever sported latex in his costume, but Chewbacca’s bandolier was certainly a fantasy cosplayer lover’s dream accessory. Peter Mayhew, the man behind the wookie of Star Wars fame, died this week at the age of 74 and we’d like to celebrate him here.

Halima Aden competing at the Miss Minnesota USA Pageant

Challenging the culture with Halima Aden and the 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Halima Aden has been involved in a lot of firsts. In 2016 the Somali-American model was the first woman to compete in the Miss Minnesota competition wearing both a hijab and a burkini, and she was also the first person to wear a hijab on the cover of Allure magazine. In Sports Illustrated she wears […]

Jennifer Lopez Medicine

Taking our “Medicine” from Jennifer Lopez

As we well know, one person’s risqué is another person’s every day latex couture. Calling one thing ‘sexy’ or even ‘alternative’ is undoubtedly an eye-of-the-beholder distinction, but one might say that the brand new Jennifer Lopez video for her song “Medicine,” is rather damn hot…and reveals an amazing array of wild costumes.