Bianca Censori’s See-Through Latex Dress Begs The Question

So, is it the latex wardrobe or the person wearing it that makes the scene?

When considering our favorite textile being worn by one of our celebrities, the above question often surfaces. From Lady Gaga or Katy Perry wearing some fantastic latex stage costume, to any number of Kardashians or Jenners stepping out for a seemingly casual night but actually hawking some new product while wearing their newest latex couture. Or a Cardi B showing off some spectacular new bespoke latex pieces in an equally spectacular just-dropped video, the power of the marriage of the who-is-wearing-what-they-are-wearing can’t be denied.

Then there are those well-known people who make a statement with their wardrobe choices, beyond just sporting some tight black latex catsuit or a stunning glove or mask accessory. Bianca Censori surely seems to manage this every time she steps out in public with her husband Kanye West. And she surely did so over the weekend, in latex, but on a level that Kanye’s ex Kim might not even have thought of.

The couple were out and about in LA for dinner, Bianca dressed in a completely see-through strapless, latex dress. Forgetting for a moment how much one saw of Bianca (not an easy task to be sure), from a latex designer’s point of view we can’t help but be impressed with how thin the latex of her dress was, and how it so perfectly hugged Bianca.

Sure, many a critic took to calling Bianca’s dress a ‘body condom’ across social media. We tend to see that term used to describe any tight outfit, be it latex, leather, or any other clinging material, that some stunning lady (usually a lady) is wearing so well viewers are obviously jealous. But wear it or not yourself, being critical of the lady’s often see-thru sartorial choices, and latex fan or not, we can’t deny how wonderful Bianca’s tube dress design is.

And once again we get to question…Is it the latex wardrobe or the person wearing it, that made the scene this past Sunday?   

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