What To Add To Your Latex Lingerie

We are a big fan of any latex site engaging in constant updates and opinions about latex couture. And as we have noted before latex247.co.uk is a great site full of informative articles, news, and just about anything else you’d want to keep you up-to-date, and ever conversant, with our favorite textile (yes, we do indeed love giving a nod to other logs and designers).

Filmmaker and latex fashion influencer Jheanelle Corine is a regular contributor to this site with her latex fashion vlogging. In this piece, posted at the end of last month, the leggy latex fashionista model explains how one wears latex corsets with nylons. Surely a most arresting look (especially on Jheanelle) her video got us to thinking. We could (and often have), gone on and on about accessorizing your latex couture, either with other latex pieces or items not made of latex. But when wearing a latex corset as she does so beautifully in the video above, Jheanelle shows how to match her latex lingerie with nylons.

Which of course, got us thinking about how well nylons do indeed go with latex lingerie as much as how you could try to mix and match a corset with latex thigh highs, slip on a latex garter belt, or depending on exactly what kind of latex lingerie you are attempting to wiggle into, maybe slipping on some latex leggings will complete your look.

(It’s also true that just wearing any of the above, with not much else, is sure to earn you a few lascivious stares.)

As Jheanelle knows, no matter how often you come to wear latex, be it lingerie or anything else, there really isn’t any limitations to how and what you can mix and match. Have fun, get opinions (and yes, those stares), check-in with Jheanelle as much as experiment on your own.

The ideas are always coming for us all.

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