Latex couture is a revolution in fashion, merging fine art with high fashion. This collection of elegant and daring styles for men and women features latex in over 50 colors including transparent and metallic tones, and unique handmade textured patterns such as multi-tone checkerboard, pinstripe, and dragon scale.  You will find elegant kimonos, historical figures, and regal divas in our collection.  Dawnamatrix designer Dawn lived for many years in Japan and a strong Asian influence is reflected in her designs.  Intricate applique is a prominent feature of Dawnamatrix garments and each one is a unique work of art. Dawnamatrix takes latex fashion to a higher level.

Dawnamatrix is the RAW: Natural Born Artists Fashion Designer of the Year in Boston.  Dawnamatrix kimonos and garments have been displayed in museum and gallery spaces around Boston, including the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum, the State House of Representatives, Harvard University, the Boston Children’s Museum, and the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation.  Our latex has graced the runways of Paris Fashion Week, Boston Fashion Week, Montreal Fetish Weekend, Dominatrix Netherlands, and runways in NYC and D.C. You can see our garments in magazines such as Vogue, WWD, CR Fashion Book, Interview, L’Official, Marquis, Skin Two, Von Gutenberg, and Dark Beauty Magazine among others.

Presenting a full range of wardrobe pieces, Dawnamatrix additionally offers custom designs, all hand-rendered to individual client specifications, and hand-crafted in our studio in Seattle, Washington, USA. Managing the high wire balance between fetish and fine art, Dawnamatrix reveals the theatrical drape and clean lines of our latex, a material we define as truly alive. Enjoying the range of different textures, translucencies, gauges, and colors makes alternative clothing so desirable to work with and so desired by the ever-adventurous men and women across the globe.

Dawnamatrix has been producing unique, handcrafted latex couture for the past six years, and has recently relocated from Boston to Seattle.  Dawnamatrix garments have been worn by celebrities and performers such as Sharon Stone, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Pink, Bjork, and Beyonce, and have been published in Vogue, Interview, L’Officiel Magazines, and Covergirl ad campaigns.  Our designs are informed by traditional garment construction using modern technologies and rendered in glossy materials.  Dawnamatrix merges fine art with high style as a vision for the future of fashion.

Please contact us if you have questions about custom orders.