Custom Latex Kimono Guide

The guide below may be used for approximating cost of a custom designed kimono.

Kimono Length

Short with short sleeves $400
Short with long sleeves $500
Long with short sleeves $500
Long with long sleeves $600

Kimono Base Colors

One color +$0
Two Colors +$50
Three Colors +$100


Edging – straight or wavy +$50

Kimono Applique

Small designs placed on garment as accents +$100
Medium designs covering half of garment +$200-$400
Large designs covering most of garment +$400-$600
Extra large or intricate designs covering entire garment +$500-$800


Plain $80
With appliqué on ends $150
With full length appliqué $250

.33mm – .50mm gauge latex is used unless otherwise requested.