Leather & Wine: McCartney & Veuve Clicquot

Who doesn’t appreciate lifting a glass of one’s favorite libation and repositioning at the bar while wearing a latex catsuit? Or maybe peeling off one’s latex opera gloves so seductively to better hold a long-stem glass? It seems Stella McCartney and champagne-maker Veuve Clicquot are considering well how alt. fashion and a good drink can make a difference.

It was just announced that Paul and Linda McCartney’s super popular fashion designer daughter and the iconic champagne maker have partnered to create an alternative textile to animal leather. The new material is made from Veuve Clicquot’s grape harvest and has been used in the creation of six McCartney accessories, including a luxury bottle holder for Veuve Clicquot’s iconic Yellow Label (no surprise there).

Her mother a sure activist on this front, Stella McCartney is also ever conscience of the environment, forever looking for cruelty-free and sustainable alternatives for the wardrobe she renders. Madame Clicquot contributed to what we know as the modern shape of champagne bottles as well as invented the riddling table (or table de tournage) a crucial device to facilitate a technique essential in making champagne. Recognized as “La Grande Dame de la Champagne,” Clicquot’s innovations are regarded as having revolutionized champagne production. 

Here is the full range of their products: Stella McCartney x Veuve Clicquot and some of the write-up from this new partnership innovation: 

The new material harnesses a by-product of manually collected grape stems, sourced with full traceability from the environmentally certified Grand Cru vineyard of Boozy in Champagne, which Madame Clicquot herself purchased 200 years ago.


Stella McCartney has always pioneered regenerative agriculture in fashion, having supported SOKTAS regenerative cotton project in Turkey since 2019, in partnership with LVMH.

It certainly seems, where fashion and ecology are concerned, there are so many approaches that can be employed when creative folks work together. How can one not applaud this partnership between Stella McCartney and Veuve Clicquot?

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