Let’s Finally Talk 2024 BET Award Fashion

Getting past all the blogs, tweets, and amateur fashionista assessments of the outfits worn—be they latex, leather, or the current nude dress rage—here is our perspective of the 2024 BET Awards couture.

Two latex wardrobes stand out as do the seven different changes host Taraji P. Henson spun through and even a controversial clutch moment.

Let’s take Ms. Henson first.

With her MUA team, Henson took her third-year hosting in high style with a round of wardrobe and wig changes. Starting with her arrival on the red carpet, the lady stunned in a tight bespoke Balmain of gold chains, a long golden manicure (her manicures prove the highlight of her many outfits), and a tight gold choker.

Through the night the “Hidden Figures” star performed and hosted in a denim short one-piece, a white dress (matching with another stunning manicure of pearl white tips) and even paid tribute to Kendrick Lamar coming out in a red hoodie and blue jeans, with requisite ‘grill’.

The controversial clutch moment (or at least one the X verse had a field day over) came with Angela Simmons sporting a bedazzled gun clutch. Ice Spice channeled Marilyn Monroe with her hair and an orange gown open at her navel. Victoria Monét went dressed in leather in a gown featuring piercings, while Remy Ma wore a chandelier-like white dress open enough to show off lots of the lady. And someone seeming to presently sport the ‘best dressed’ title pretty much wherever he goes, Colman Domingo was in a wild oversized Ferrari Style suit that changed colors as he walked.

And lastly, we had two grand latex moments.

Halle Baily wore a sleek, curving-hugging glossy sculpted dress that showed a good amount of the side of the stunning lady. Meanwhile UK singer/songwriter Tallia Storm wore tight black latex as well, hers featuring thin straps and a slightly open bust.

With some distance, there’s the 2024 BET couture from Dawnamatrix.

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