Sukeban & Their Latex Rock On

Back last fall the all-female Japanese wrestling league Sukeban made their New York City debut, some festooned in latex couture I had helped make. Collaborating with fashion designer Olympia Le-Tan, the lady wrestlers were attired in wildly colorful costumes. Blending fashion, anime, and traditional Japanese women’s wrestling couture, these fantastic athletes engage in a form of the sport called “Joshi,” and are surely a colorful site to behold. See this blog for the news on that specific event.

I also joined the ladies in Miami, see this blog.

The pictures I have included here are from a more recent Sukeban event, the squad’s third ever, that happened in LA. As much as the unique styling of this group continues to amaze me (and I am thankful to have been part of dressing them) and the lady’s athletic prowess, I am truly in awe of how our latex outfits have held up over the obvious rigors the wardrobe is put through.

As even a causal latex wearer knows, our favorite textile certainly traps heat in. Add some bright hot stage lights and more than a little physical excursion, plus traveling with costumes where they are not always stored and even cleaned under the most optimum conditions, well, one could be asking for trouble to be sure. But the latex wardrobe here looks fantastic (as does the rest of the costumes), a testament to the crew behind the wrestlers and the entire organization itself.

The Harajuku Stars here (who I specifically made the latex outfits for) featured prominently at the event, with Saweetie, plus many more stars in attendance (see here and here for celeb news) for what was reported to have been a wildly successful show.  

Then again, so far, all three Sukeban events have been very successful.

I humbly state that the wrestler’s attire, be it the latex I helped make or any of the other fantastic pieces and accessories they wear, adds to the overall show and their sterling reputation.

Rock on ladies. Rock on latex!

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