Dawnamatrix & Sukeban In Miami

As mentioned a few weeks back, Dawnamatrix latex and Japanese wrestling found a perfect marriage in Sukeban Japanese pro wrestling. I have ‘dressed’ a wrestler previously, specifically Scarlett Bordeaux of the USA’s WWE NXT, who wore our Spiked Bodysuit in the ring (her action figure wore a mini-version when it was released last year). But the Sukeban troupe is of a whole different order.

Collaborating with fashion designer Olympia Le-Tan to create her designs in latex for the costumes her Harajuku Stars and all-female wrestling league wear, the mix here is of bright colors and anime fashions. It all comes together within a trad. Japanese aesthetic in a truly unique way only very inventive minds could conjure.

Enjoying their world premiere in New York City a few months ago, the ladies engage in a type of popular wrestling known as “Joshi.” In the pictures I provide here, you see me backstage with two of the Sukeban stars, where I was just in Miami with them for another of their pro wrestling events. In this particular instance, not only did I help with styling the latex the women wore, but I also helped keep it shiny (battling bright lights, wrestlers rubbing up against and off each other, and sweat) and translated Japanese.

A Vogue article about the Sukeban event posted yesterday; see it here. You know, when Vogue comes calling, something fashionable has certainly sparked across the fashion firmament. Writer Cassidy George starts by commenting on how pro-women Japanese wrestling was a surprise to lots of the usual Art Basel Miami patrons. This well-known art space, has hosted plenty of interesting events. But there was 1000 strong here for the 90-minute Sukeban show.

You can read more about the Sukeban league here, and I must thank all the ladies for a wonderful time down in Miami.

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