The Four L’s For Wearing Latex In The Summertime

There’s no mistaking that the warmer weather is upon us now…so, is it still time for latex?

We believe that Following these FOUR L’S below see you through the sticky hot weather, while still wearing latex.

We have been championing the wonderful array of modern-day latex color choices for some time now. Why not avail yourself of some Lightweight latex as well? There is plenty of latex outerwear you can buy, while still accentuating all that you want to show off, made of a thinner material than other thicker latex pieces (in fact, often, lighter pieces show you off better). If ever there was a time of year to enjoy lighter latex, and not just latex of a lighter color, summertime is perfect for lightweight latex pieces.

No matter what you come to wear in the summer, chafing and excessive perspiration increase skin discomfort. This is why we recommend a liberal dose as well as consistent application of Lube when wearing your favorite summertime latex garment. You’ll be thanking yourself when you lube up amply before slipping into your favorite piece or later when your skin isn’t sticking so much when you peel out of your wardrobe. Good latex cleaning agents go a long way to helping here as well. Check out the lube and cleaning solutions we recommend here: Latex Care SET – Perfect SHINE – Easy GLIDE – Special WASH – Dawnamatrix

Yes, what you put on your body is important…as is what you put in it. During the summer months and especially if you find yourself out and about in your latex outfit, make sure to drink plenty of Liquids. Hydrate, hydrate…then hydrate some more.

Not that anyone but you will know exactly what latex couture you are planning to wear, but a good suggestion for dressing this time of year is to Layer your latex pieces. There are plenty of outfits and accessories to choose from that can be mixed-and-matched as well as removed during any wearing.

Additionally, to the Four L’s above, you might want to consider attending more evening gatherings instead of midday, taking to air-conditioned rooms as much as possible, and slowly lowering yourself (we said slowly) into a cool bath after being out and about in your latex outfit.

And remember, you probably sweated a good deal; as mentioned above…clean yourself as whatever you wore!

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