Ageless In Latex

Another two examples of more mature celebrities wearing latex couture this week prove what we always say about latex….it is for any person, of any age.

Fifty-eight-year-old Elizabeth Hurley cavorted for an Instagram photo shoot promoting her new film Strictly Confidential, an “erotic-thriller,” directed by her son Damian. Wearing a lace black top, but most notably a shiny red latex skirt, the actress looked stunning. Pretty much as she always does, no matter what she chooses to wear, we will proudly announce her choice of latex this time.

And forty-nine-year-old singer Lousie Redknapp stepped out in London for a birthday party celebration for a celebrity stylist buddy. She wore an oversized tuxedo shirt tucked into a pair of high-waisted latex trousers. 

As we see time and again on male celebs, but most surely females, latex wardrobe is a go-to style for so many. As it should be for your wardrobe considerations. From catsuits to leggings to bras and high-waisted panties, to trench coats, a wide array of latex accessories, and surely footwear, we always declare: that anyone, of any age and any gender can wear our most favorite textile.

And wear it well.

Calls of ‘ageism’ are rally loud in our culture as surely no one can deny our more ‘mature’ citizens often come up against this prejudice. And surely, female celebrities feel the brunt of dwindling work possibilities as they reach forty (some say even before this age). But as any stylist will us, from a Lady Gaga to just you and me, we can surely battle back any critique or question of our current usefulness and style-worthy pose by setting a certain frank self-determination. And wearing latex, appropriate as much to your body type as, frankly, what you damn well feel like wearing, is akin to suiting up in armor.

Act your age? Well, what age is that exactly when I am wearing latex?!

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