Cardi B’s Super Bowl Add, the Sanremo Music Fest, & Zendaya

Zendaya wore ‘naked’ armor for Dune: Part Two’s premiere, Cardi B and her performers plumped up in latex, and singers at the Sanremo Music Fest wore latex and corsets. How’s that for a week?

Rapper BigMamma and singer Gaia both wore latex for their performances at the Sanremo Music Festival. BigMamma paired her black latex catsuit from an Italian designer with a bespoke corset. Gaia wore her own bespoke latex corset with a black chiffon dress with lacing. The ladies, dressed in these perfectly sexy latex outfits, were joined by SISSI and La Nina to spin forth a version of “Lady Marmalade.”

Although it wasn’t latex, much is being made about the wardrobe Zendaya wore at the Dune: Part Two world premiere. Besting the chainmail Versace gown she wore at the 2018 Met Gala, in London this week, Zendaya wowed the red carpet by wearing what’s being called ‘naked’ body armor. Coming from Mugler’s Fall/Winter 1995 couture collection, the lady’s chrome suit was made of armor and clear panels across the arms, the chest, the back, and the legs. She accessorized with Mugler metallic stilettos.

Lastly, for those who tuned in to the Super Bowl, salivating for this year’s round of commercials as much as gameplay, we all saw some of Cardi B’s NYX Duck Plump lips commercial. Luckily, what was broadcast showed the singer/rapper and her dancers in tight latex one-pieces, Cardi leading the way in a head-to-toe orange latex suit with oversized lip appliques. The NYX logo was made out of inflatable latex letters as well.

What we didn’t see of the add? 

Yasmin Dastmalchi, General Manager USA at NYX Professional Makeup told E! “As a female-led brand with female creators behind the work, we’re proud of our creative idea, which flips the script on male stereotypes with lighthearted humor.” This humor was shown (but not aired), with the commercial continuing to a sudden news report where a lady newscaster says.: “Wondering why men put Duck Plump where it should not go.”

There are then scenes of female firefighters, 911 operators, and hospital personnel handling the male emergency as a lady pharmacist states:

“Duck Pump makes your lips bigger. Nothing else.”

Here is the uncut commercial.

Great couture moments, some true latex outfits worn, and some fun. All in a week, that was.

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