Selling With Latex…Once Again

It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last, where one of the women from the Kardashian-Jenner tribe, wears latex. It also won’t be the only time a celebrity wears latex to promote a product, that is not a specific designer’s latex wardrobe.

This week Kylie Jenner stepped out in L.A., styled by Macenzie and Alexandra Grandquist, to launch her vodka soda line, Sprinter. She paired her nude latex heels with a skintight, shiny black latex mini, with an open back. A stunning look for a stunning lady, with latex making its mark, once again, on the see-and-be-scene.

Back in 2015, we blogged about Katy Perry wearing Dawnamatrix latex in her Covergirl “Plumpify” commercial. It’s something we have noted plenty in the past eight years and surely a moment we are proud but dare we declare it, this K.P. commercial is a perfect example. 

And not just perfect because we were involved. 

When latex couture takes center stage, be it for a performance, a red-carpet paparazzi-filled melee, or on a fashion runway, you know we try to log our report. But when one of our best and brightest dresses in our favorite textile, is out there shilling for this or that line, make-up collection, or in the case of Kylie and Sprinter, for a business they own, the point is surely made.

Latex sells even when it isn’t latex one is selling.

And why shouldn’t it? With the mad array of colors and styles available to us now, the ease with which anyone can either order a bespoke latex goody or grab an outfit from a designer’s ‘rack,’ and the mainstream acceptance of the material, it is no wonder we see a Kylie Jenner going to this go to wardrobe when she wants to step out and sell.  

Just to dot the t’s and cross the i’s here, Sprinter, is available in black cherry, peach, grapefruit, and lime. Its ABV is 4.5% and it is made from premium vodka, fruit juice, and sparkling water. 

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