Latex Couture With Night CluB

We have all seen how perfectly suited latex couture is to the world of music video. From well-known diva’s like a Lady Gaga or a Katy Perry donning a liquid-y latex catsuit, to a Cardi B showing off lots of her curves in the groundbreaking WAP, to guys like Sam Smith giving forth his particular take on things. The world of music and our favorite textile mix well. And while it doesn’t seem to matter the performer or diva it doesn’t much matter what genre of music latex wardrobe is being matched with. From rock to hip-hop to electronica, our lovely latex works for it all.

Night Club, an electronica group for L.A. is using latex—once again— for full fantastic effect in the video for their new release “Barbwire Kiss.” (see the video here.) Directed by Mark Brooks, choreographed by Neil Schwartz and Youlmae Kim, with backing dancers including Eliazar Jimenez, Hunter Tayman, and Elias Alfau (hooded throughout), the group’s lead singer Emily Kavanaugh, dances and sings in full latex. 

Kavanaugh, no stranger to latex couture, is wearing a dark black latex catsuit, her face covered in a pasty white make-up, her lips painted red. With her dancers behind and around her, Kavanaugh sings and dances in what is pretty much a stark white room, dressed in a shiny latex catsuit, collar, halter, spiked pantry, and knee-high black latex boots with buckles.

She appears in a cage at one point (and again at the end of the song) and halfway through, and after we are treated to the fill effect of her outfit as she spins slowly around, she is wearing a barbed wire thorn of crowns.

Publicity stills shot across the band’s Instagram page (see here) for their round of 2024 dates of their “Masochist Tour”, show Emily wearing a full-length red latex catsuit with equally red tie-up red latex boots. Her partner, Mark Brooks, wears his own red leather jacket in the shot.

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