New Superman Couture

DCU’s first feature, James Gunn’s Superman (up until today called “Superman: Legacy,” ) and the upcoming Power Girl comic showcase some sure cool new costuming for the franchise…although alas, no latex for either.

María Gabriela de Faría, plays “Angela Spica,” aka “The Engineer” in the new Superman movie, set to appear in theaters July of next year. In pictures released today, we see her as the villainess in a black leather outfit. As a WildStorm comics character brought under the DC banner, The Engineer was portrayed covered in liquid metal, her power emanating from nanotechnology coursing through her body. It will be interesting to see the differences in how this character is played by the wardrobe she is wearing in the new film.

As to the main man himself, David Corenswet, playing the new Man of Steel, at the top of this blog you can see the famous ‘S’ insignia that writer and director James Gunn, released today. This adorns the front of the new Superman costume…we might assume?

The movie also stars Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane.

In the same universe, but over on the comic book side of things, Power Girl received a couture update in official art this week. In addition to her name change from Kara Zor-L to Paide Stetler, as seen in the variant cover of Power Girl #10, Power Girl wears her iconic skintight bodysuit, but with an enhanced red cloak with a silver medallion fastening. Accessorizing further, she wears a silver belt sporting super wild tendrils and blue, red, and silver gauntlets around her hands. This wardrobe change contrasts with the usual Kryptonian couture, but it seems these adjustments have been made to cut a clear distinction between Supergirl and Power Girl for lovers of both ladies. Additionally, Power Girl seems to have expanded powers that differ from Kara’s, her “astral punch,” enabling Paige the power of teleportation for herself and others.
Surely, always a good power to have when traipsing around doing superhero stuff.

Power Girl #10 will be released on June 25, 2024, from DC Comics.

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