Dawnamatrix Inflates Katy Perry For Covergirl’s “Plumpify”

image1Q: What do you do when Katy Perry wears your latex clothing in a Covergirl commercial?

A: You shout it from the rooftops!

We were contacted by stylist Andrew Richardson over the summer to create a larger-than-life look for the “Fireworks” singer, pieces as sexy as they were unusual, for a Covergirl “Plumpify Mascara” commercial. Dressing a woman known for her outrageous and innovative fantasy costume designs, someone who can straddle both the sexy and the silly, a pop star of infinite different looks and persona, we knew we had to bring the very best to this assignment and take the word “Plumpify” to a whole new level.

Engineering an inflatable skirt to simulate the Covergirl lashes sporting their plumping mascara, we used 15 meters of super thin .20mm latex. The second piece Katy wears in the commercial, our “Skater Dress” is made of structured 1.05mm latex usually reserved for corsets.

Katy Perry is pretty much the embodiment of larger-than-life. At times she appears to be born of pure confection, tongue-in-cheeky (as opposed to Miley Cyrus’ tongue out of mouth) playing with her image and attitude. Then there are moments she sports a vintage classic look to hug her busty frame, or she manages her hair and make-up in celebrity fashion from a bygone age. And there are those times she manages to dress downright naughty, like when she cavorted with Madonna in latex, lace and lingerie in “V” magazine’s “Power of Pop” expose.image3

We took all this in mind when Andrew Richardson called and what a killer commercial it all turned out to be (see above).

No stranger to Covergirl or sporting wild looks in couture, hair or her make-up, seemingly always having the ultimate fun with her image, who better then Katy Perry to pull this latest commercial off? And who better then Dawnamatrix to be around to inflate her?image7


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