LOVE Magazine’s Advent Calendar Tickles Us Close

2F74237400000578-3363817-In_the_capital_She_surveys_the_London_landscape_from_a_skyscrape-a-9_1450345412881Yes, though the upcoming Pirelli calendar is getting lots of press-and the women posing in that famous Italian fashion export are not even nude this year or even wearing latex outfits-it’s the annual LOVE Magazine Advent calendar that seems to be earning the most attention for its salacious content. With their pictures and videos of scantily clad celeb ladies rounding out their month of days, we see lots of high-waisted panties and bra sets, dangling garters (or those attached to stockings) model Zendaya going way out in a 2001: A Space Odyssey homage and Pamela Anderson (the last woman to appear completely nude in “Playboy” magazine actually) in classic black 50’s lingerie. Kendall Jenner even walks through video fire in her own stocking and garter set while wearing various fur coats.

The fun thing about this LOVE release is that while the U.K. magazine is certainly showing lots of lingerie on their ladies, and stunningly shot videos, they also are not afraid to walk the more fetish side of the street. We see Daisy Lowe sporting lingerie very much like Pam Anderson, but posed atop a carousel horse brandishing a riding crop, and Poppy Delevingne in a long tight skirt with lace-up back, brandishing her own riding crop (her sister Cara stars in a day of her own wearing a turkey head…a video which Poppy directed) while Gwedoline Christine from Star Wars: The Force Awakens actually sports a mask and catsuit appearing as Catwoman looking out over the London night.

One could argue the fetish merits of riding crops, lace-up skirts, and any kind of mask (as well as a turkey head) for such a mainstream release. But for those of us who watch these kinds of things-as we have all year and report about all the time-the LOVE Advent Calendar is a wonderful end-of-the-year gift indeed.Cara1

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