Dawnamatrix, Katy Perry and U.S. Vogue

IMG_0343Our excitement over Katy Perry wearing out latex couture in the new Covergirl “Plumpify” Mascara commercial continues. We have just learned that a print add from the commercial-showing Dawnamatrix couture-has appeared in a two-page spread in the January 2016 issue of U.S. Vogue.

Yes, Dawnamatrix has had the honor of having our work appear in Vogue Ukraine, Vogue Paris, and Vogue Japan, but this is a first for us in the U.S. version of the preeminent fashion magazine. It was pretty much an accomplishment goal we set ourselves when first starting out, it’s probably the dream of most every fashion designer really-no matter the couture one creates-to see one’s work in Vogue. But what spreads the icing on this particular sweet cake is seeing our work in U.S. Vogue from dressing a celebrity and strong female role model like Katy Perry.


Another wonderful aspect of this is that we just didn’t place a pair of Dawnamarix latex leggings in a T.V. show or  some fetish fantasy costume on some model posing for a sleek and sexy fetish shoot (all wonderful occurrences though they are). In the case of the clothes of our Katy Perry latex and Covergirl we got to really bring our creativity to bear in a whole new way. The concept for the commercial called for a structured dress that could be paired with a skirt to create two separate looks. The dress in this case has spiral steel corset boning and the skirt itself is about 8 feet long, creating a statuesque effect in the opening shot of the commercial; it has 26 panels to create a 3-D rounded silhouette when inflated. So in this instance-and really what we are so proud of personally-is that we got to bring the full measure of what we have always been about-creativity and ‘wearability’ working in latex designing-to the fore.IMG_0344

Some of the most creative pieces we have yet designed, worn by Katy Perry, used by Covergirl and appearing in U.S. Vogue: yes, it has been a great week!


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