The Not So Common Pages Where You Might See Latex Fashion These Days

Not so long ago, we were attending play parties, alt. fashion runway shows, and advertising or being interviewed across the pages of many print magazines featuring latex couture (if you remember Von Gutenberg Magazine, that was one of our often go-to’s to have our stuff seen in). These days, if a magazine still prints it also, almost always, publishes a digital counterpart, sometimes only the digital. But no matter the media, latex fashion, alternative couture, street fashion aesthetic, cosplay, and steampunk can still be seen in so many publications from around the world.

Here is a very short list of just a few of them.

Prompted as this blog was by news of a latex designer showing up in The Common Pages Magazine, it is only fair we start here. Across these very uncommon pages, one gets to view a wide array of big pictures featuring an equally varied bunch of models wearing all kinds of fashions. A newer publication, this is one surely worth checking out.

Metal Magazine features categories like music, hotspots, art photography fashion, and beauty. It also supports its own podcast. Born June 2006 in Barcelona, begun as an independent publishing project METAL is presently published twice a year, and available in more than twenty-five countries. It is available in print magazine as well as its new, and exclusive, online edition.

Not forgetting the very influential, definitive world of zines, we think Buffalo Zine is something special when it comes to fashion. Described by Dazed Magazine (and Dazed is another good one!) as “one of the publishing world’s most fun-loving art and fashion mags.” The fashion here seems to as much embrace street fashion looks…as pretty much anything else with wild flare and imaginative streak

Darkside Magazine, while always featuring lots of latex, is, by far, not really a fashion magazine. Still, this venerable UK publication is worth mentioning as so many of its models wear great latex outfits and accessories. We need to caution readers here as Darkside certainly walks the adult/fetish side of the street, so if nudity and strong sexual images are not your thing, search someplace else.

Have a look around at the above, as well as find your own. There are plenty of magazines out there ripe for fashion picking and latex loving.

Enjoy your search.

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