Getting Hasty With Beyoncé

In our last blog, we managed an early-of-the-week alt. fashion round-up, which, at first, did not seem to include any latex. Still, what Katy Perry, Bianca Censori, and Beyoncé wore in the past few days was startling and fun to report. But we slipped up thinking Queen Bey was simply in a stunning vinyl bodycon. On further inspection (and news coming in across the blog o’sphere all this week) it seems what the 42-year-old singer was wearing was indeed truly stunning brown latex cowboy couture.

We are thrilled to have made this mistake.

As we all know by now Beyoncé is out celebrating the release of her Cowboy Carter album (she was out in this chocolate-colored belted bodycon latex, matching trench, gloves and cowboy hat for a Tower Records signing in Tokyo), a 27-song release that is climbing the charts and leaving the singer presently the champion of country music charts. As the lady herself says of the album that includes contributions from Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson, although she loves and embraces this type of sound: “This ain’t a country album. This is a ‘Beyoncé’ album.”

Five years in the making, Beyoncé’s eighth studio album is the second installment of her trilogy project that began with 2022’s Renaissance. Blending country, pop, hip hop, blues, and opera among other genres and beyond, with a whole host of musicians and writers contributing, the album in a crowing achievement to be sure.

On the fashion side of things, above and beyond rockin’ fantastic latex plenty of times, Beyoncé has brought cowboy chic couture front and center. As we mentioned in another early blog, as a result of Beyoncé’s Super Bowl commercial where she was dressed in cowboy style and announcing the first two songs from Cowboy Carter (known as Renaissance Act II at the time) Google searches for cowboy hats spiked 212.5 percent.

Take that, John Travolta’s Urban Cowboy. 

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