Shakira In Plastic

Although this blog, and our business, centers around latex design, we do our best to report on PVC, cosplay, leather and lace; pretty much all other alternative fashion. What we don’t seem to consider all that often though, at least not in a fashion sense, is plastic wardrobe pieces.

But we can’t ignore what Shakira is wearing in her latest video “Puntería.”

There is plenty of fantastic fantasy couture to gaze on in this video that stars Shakira and Cardi B. From intricate robe detailing, lace, what seems like latex at times, stunning body-sculpted corsets, and bustiers littered with jewels, the ladies are mostly in the color of the day…pink throughout.  

The video opens with Shakira high above beautiful-bodied male centaurs, singing to them from a bubble, wearing a pink, thin lace body suit with plenty of cut-outs.

At the 30-second mark, we get the first peak of the outfit that is making all the news lately, with its intricate cut-out patterns and armor-like plating. The wardrobe is accessorized perfectly with matching forearm pieces, a neckpiece choker, and thigh-high boots, all with that same cut-out design. And with Shakira’s curly hair tousled free-flowing, and her holding an equally pale pink crossbow (which she uses to fell one of the male centaurs), nobody is going to mess with this futuristic pink warrior.

Claiming this pre-mold plastic outfit took her two hours to be sown into, the result is stunning in the extreme…as you can see above.

The first time we see Cardi B she is wearing a metallic gray skirt matched with what looks like a thin latex top of the same color, later she sits with Shakira on a giant flower throne, both women in 3-D life-like corsets paired with flowing matching pink satin skirts sporting hip-high slits. 

Cardi B’s last outfit in the music video is another pastel fantasy display, of a robe-detailed long one-piece dress seemingly cascading from her elaborate hairstyle. The corseted, asymmetrical skirt and gathered fabric all showcase the singer’s curves.

Don’t worry, that male centaur is ‘nursed’ to full health by Shakira by the video’s end.

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