‘Selling Sunset’ Shines In Latex

As you have surely seen, we try our best to keep up with who might be wearing what latex outfit while strutting across red carpets or performing on award shows. We will even skirt around the shiny and lubed 800lb. gorilla in the room when we don’t find any latex wardrobe to drool over by reporting on some other kind of alternative fashion that might make our grade. Luckily, this time of year there is a tsunami of the Hollywood see-and-be-scenes, from The Grammy’s to the SAG awards to People’s Choice to what seems to be the granddaddy they all lead up to, The Academy Awards. So, we can satisfy ourselves with lots to look at…if latex, all the better.
Going back to the just past People’s Choice Awards, we did indeed find some latex couture. Surely not enough, it’s never enough truly, but beggars can’t be choosers.
Netflix runs a reality show called “Selling Sunset.” The series, based in L.A., presents an uncensored look at the high-end Oppenheim Group of real estate brokers. Two of the show’s principals, Chelsea Lazkani and Chrishell Stause attended the choice of the people award show in stunning latex gowns.
British-Nigerian Lazkani’s full-length latex gown sported a thigh split, contrasting cuffs, and a separate collar. The gown also sported a cupped chest front. Her co-star Stause was in a bespoke tulip-shaped strapless gown, with cutaway shaping running down the gown’s long train. She happened to tell more than one interviewer that her dress took “…a little bit of lube to get into…”
There’s no mistaking the fact that the many reality series we enjoy today are just as popular as any other kind of streaming or broadcast show. And the fact that the people who populate these shows, be they the obligatory table-turning housewife, a wanna-be chef, or a real estate agent selling beachfront houses in L.A. surely employ stylists. Yes, even those ‘kids’ from Jersey Shore, as they have been growing up, have hawked certain fashion brands and some have even started a few of their own.
From hair and makeup to what wardrobes are considered, be they latex, leather, or anything else, to working for corporate sponsors, reality stars influence the cultural firmament.
And at times, lucky for us devotees of a certain lovely textile, they do wear latex.

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