Method Dressing

As Dune: Part Two premiers make their way across the globe it seems that ‘method dressing’ is once again offering us alternative couture red carpet moments, and maybe might bring us some latex wardrobe moments. 

According to this article, “method outfits are wearable stories written by the person donning the attire to bring fictional characters to life.” We saw and still see this with the stars of Barbie “going pink” for many appearances. Acors wearing ‘royalty core’ and ‘cottage core’ for the series and films they appear in. And surely with the wardrobe choices the Dune: Part Two stars are wearing across their red carpet premiers. We are getting futurism and sci-fi themes to extremes and so sexy outfits.

In this recent blog, we mentioned Zendaya wearing her Mugler ‘naked’ body armor chrome suit in London at the movie’s premiere there. This week in New York, she managed a super sexy all-white full-length long-sleeved dress with cut-outs down the front. The dress she wore Sunday sported a cut-out pitch-fork-like design starting from her neck, down her torso, and ending on either side of the front of her legs. Gold embellishments adorned the dress’s hem.

Zendaya’s co-star in the movie, Florence Pugh, has also been getting into this game. She wore a side-torso-baring silver backless gown, from Valentino’s SS24 Couture collection in New York. Being an ambassador (and friend) to the Italian designer, this is not the first time Pugh has worn Valentino. Also sporting bright silver metallic makeup creating a deep-set and surely futuristic cat-eye design, Pugh was every inch working her method dressing. At the Dune: Part Two London premiere, the actor also wore Valentino, a bespoke brown sequined hooded gown.

And less we forget, Zendaya’s red carpet appearance with Timothée Chalamet in Seoul, South Korea recently. There the pair wore matching leather jumpsuits, created by that country’s Juun J. with Zendaya in peach- beige, Chalamet wearing gray.

We know the latex method dressing can’t be far behind.

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