Dojo Cat and Her Trench

It’s not that Dojo Cat hasn’t been sporting electrifying costumes on her Scarlet Tour so far, but she showed a certain aplomb in an old London town just recently wearing latex. For this one show, the “Agora Hills” singer stepped on stage in a skin-color (and skintight) latex bodysuit, under a stunning translucent latex trench.

And it is the trench that we take particular note of today.

Lots of what we blog about here, or the fashionista press gives much love to, sexy latex lingerie or super curve hugging catsuits and dresses are usually noted. Accessories like masks and gloves, and surely shoes get lots of play as well. And surely, bespoke latex created for music video or even spectacular slightly alternative weddings, get noted all the time. But this latest Dojo Cat appearance prompted us to give a little love to latex outer garments, which are well deserving. Be they hoodies, short jackets, coats, capes, ponchos (in our case, latex kimonos). Or, as Dojo Cat showed us all this week, trench coats made of latex. Whatever they might be, outer wardrobe wear made of our favorite textile can be just as alluring and unique as anything we wear made of latex against, or showing off our skin.

Way back at the beginning of this tour, Dojo Cat posted to her fans, looking for concert wear advice: “Hey everybody’s been asking what the dress code for the tour is. I just want everyone to come with a very deep-set mega wedgie.”

“Like, pull your underwear up as high as you can possibly pull it… above your pants,” she continued her provocation.

How much her fans follow her advice, or who might take a cue from her wearing the eye-catching latex she did last week, we do know the 28-year-old singer looked smashing sporting her translucent latex trench, at the very least.

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