Terminatrix4 from Peter Czernich

Peter Czernich is no stranger to latex couture, PVC costuming, leather and all things alternative in action, photography, and attitude. He is presently pushing a crowdfunding campaign for his new line of fantasy wardrobe, Terminatrix24.

Through German-based Marquis Magazine, which he began, published, and took many of the photos for, Czernich introduced both fans and casual onlookers to the world of fetish fashions and startling visual displays. Looking to enliven his photography with his own couture, Czernich produced his own alt.-fashion line, shown at fashion shows and used as the wardrobe in his mag’s video series. In his new kickstarter campaign, Czernich is taking inspiration from his three decades, and his knowledge of past design to create a brand-new collection. 

He claims the clothes he’s creating this time will take from classic fetish-fashion imagery.

TERMINATRIX was the name of Czernich’s first big show, premiering as it did at the beginning of the 1990s in Cologne. Featuring oversized displays of his fantasy couture and costumes, Czernich set his protagonist of that show the fashion array of cyberspace. For that show, he also created what would become his well-recognized “high heel in spiked-circle” logo.

Claiming that he will “unleash all my creativity once again, realize the many ideas that are still in the drawers,” Czernich promises classic black coloring with his new collection, with the modern realizations of “goth and steampunk.” After several photo shoots, he hopes to showcase Terminatrix24 at the Avantgardista fashion show to be held in Munich in September. This is perfectly appropos since Czernich has admitted that his inspiration to create his new collection came from attending last year’s Avantgardista.

The kickstsarter campaign for Terminzatrix24 ends in six days. Those looking to contribute can do so by going here: kickstarter, where this is also a pitch video, showing Czernich’s past designs. Supporters to this fund will receive a limited-run A4 hardcover book with photos, drawings, and more.

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