Kim Kardashian Is On Fire

It’s been quite some time since we had a good Kim-Kardashian-out-and-about-in-a-hot-latex-outfit story. But give her time, and the super famous reality star always comes through for those of us who are her fans, lovers of latex or both.

Oscar Couture Fun

That latex outfit? Rachel Weisz wore a red latex Givenchy, and the Twitterverse went wild referencing his look with her sexy turn in her film Disobedience. Does art imitate life or the other way around?

Fashion Is Art

Showcasing designers from different disciplines, working with a wide range of materials, Fashion Art’s ethos is very much like that of WOW’s in that they look to showcase “fashion as more than just clothing but as living wearable art.”

A Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

Latex designers, haute couture fashionistas, casual fans or even someone who cares not a whit about fashion can’t help but recognize the importance of Karl Lagerfeld. A fashion maverick as much as a celebrity, there is no denying the man’s impact on modern culture, not just fashion. This true icon just died in Paris at the age of 85, and we celebrate him here.

Good Old Alt. Couture At The 2019 Grammys

All good things do indeed come to those who wait where latex couture and alternate wardrobe is concerned. This past Sunday the 2019 Grammys finally gave us what we have been hoping for in a prominent entertainment industry award show, lots of exciting wardrobe designs and wild textile art to salivate over.

Bauhaus at 100

The word Bauhaus, an inversion of the German term hausbau, translates to, “building house.” The movement’s ethos of “truth to materials” presses that all material should be used in its most “honest form” form, its nature never changed. Certainly striving to be honest in all the alternative couture we create, the Bauhaus ideals are not lost on us.

DJ Marshmello Spins For Us All

To be sure this was not the first in-game live show. Still, Marshmello’s concert was an unprecedented explosion of light and sound. There was also a special game mode for the concert, in that players could ‘respawn’ if taken out by an enemy during the ten minutes. Weaponry was disabled during the ten minutes too, and there was also bonus buying for Fortnite fans of Marshmello’s skin for around $15.00 and special Fortnite dance emotes.

Super Bowl LIII Couture?

One of the wildest spots and surely a crossover nobody saw coming was the marriage of Bud Light and “Game of Thrones.” Meeting in a jousting pitch, the Bud Knight was murdered last night by the GoT’s character “The Mountain.” If that wasn’t shocking (and hilarious) enough, all of the commercial’s spectators were burned to a crisp at the end by a dragon.

Blunt’s vagina, Brie’s bow, Chalamet’s leathers: 2019 SAG Awards’ Couture

The Twitterverse was bursting post-show over what is being called Emily Blunt’s ‘vagina dress.’ Nominated for both roles in Mary Poppins Returns and A Quiet Place (for which she won Supporting Actress in a Film) Blunt came to the event in a form-fitting pink Michael Kors gown, with a neck ruffle. The ruffle framing of her neck and torso seemed for many to look like female genitalia.

When The Rubber Cult Hits The Road

The halting of Rubber Cult’s six-year run doesn’t necessarily speak to a trend, or rubber clothing losing its popularity. But surely economic concerns can play into whether smaller events are happening over larger ones and the frequency of happenings. Luckily, we see new fetish parties, alt. couture shows, and meet-ups of the like-minded happening all the time.

Is Bebe Rexha Too Big For The Grammys?

Whether she is going to go wearing a latex outfit or some other piece of wardrobe, Bebe Rexha is finding it hard to find a dress for the upcoming Grammy Awards. Eerily akin to what Leslie Jones and Megan Mullally, recently found when they were searching for their gowns for big events, what’s happened is that certain designers are begging off dressing the curvy 29-year old Rexha for the show claiming she is, well…too big.

Fitting Well Is the Best Revenge: Adapting To The Adapt BB

We are all certainly aware of how a snug fit in a latex wardrobe piece is crucial to how good we look when we dress up. Fitting right in something formfitting is what we lovers of alternate couture are as much after as making sure we can maintain a good shine. This week Nike unveiled their new Adapt BB basketball sneaker, with not so much a shine as this is the first shoe of its kind to use technology to assure a perfect tight fit.

Who Came First, Kylie Jenner or…?

It would be too easy to quip, ‘Who came first?’ Or that Kylie has ‘egg on her face.’ But bigger questions loom, (or might): Does a picture of an egg beating out a picture of a celebrity’s baby in Instagram views speak, in some way, to current online behavior? Or is the very fact that this has all become news (and we are blogging about is) speak to an even deeper malady over how we are all swept up in the mundane?

Lady Gaga’s Award Season Tour Couture

This week the A Star Is Born star attended the National Board of Review Annual Awards Gala wearing a black tuxedo dress sporting a halter neck. The haute couture piece made by Ralph Lauren sported 23,000 crystals, and Gaga accessorized with black heels…and a black-and-gold feathered short cape.

Couture Is Color At The 76th Golden Globe Awards

This is what one can take away from the outfits worn for the “76th Golden Globe Awards,” shown this past Sunday. Far from years previous of all-black wardrobe choices making specific statements, or celebs wearing ribbons of various colors supporting particular causes, the men and women showing up The Beverly Hilton represented a fine rainbow of colors and equally varied styles.

Cosplayers And Furries Unite, Here Comes “The Masked Singer”

The Masked Singer presents celebrities singing in outrageous disguises on stage in front of an audience and the show’s celebrity judges (on the opening show these judges were Robin Thicke, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, and Nicole Scherzinger). The initial idea here (introduced as it was on the first show of this kind, the South Korean “King Of Mask Singer,”) is that costumed as they are, competitors are judged on their performance and not on looks or even their reputation…have they one.

Lady Gaga Truly Is An Enigma…In Las Vegas

Through her ascendancy in the rock-pop world, a well-publicized duet to legitimacy with Tony Bennett, a scary turn in “American Horror Story: Hotel,” her possible Oscar nod in a A Star Is Born and now her Enigma show in Las Vegas, really, is there any stopping Lady Gaga?

Ashanti Breaks Paper

Although they have yet to have any of their celebs wear any real latex wardrobe in their effort to ‘Break the Internet,’ this month Paper Magazine is featuring Ashanti in some stunning couture. In the “Ashanti Comes Full Circle” piece, writer Michael Love Michael with photographer Alexei Hay, give the world an updated look (and …

ContinueAshanti Breaks Paper

Teasing Game of Thrones Season 8

In the teaser, titled “Dragonstone” (see here) rising music accompanies a milky-white smoke that quickly turns all it covers to ice. The ice, creeping across a wooden surface that fans of the show will recognize as the carved wooden map of Westeros, meets flames spreading across the map’s surface coming from the other direction. The elements meet over Daenerys Targaryen’s guide, and then the title for the series rises, in this under the 40-second clip.

Let Fetish Map London Be Your Guide

As the full breadth of human sexuality is brought further into the light, stigmas for alternate lifestyles are lessened, and we all become just that closer to one another in our evolution and tolerance, something like Fetish Map London serves as just another reminder of how far we have come, and what’s out there if we care to look.

Grimes returns (wearing latex) in “We Appreciate Power”

Over the past year Grimes announced across Instagram that she wasn’t going to be releasing any new music “anytime soon,” as she saw it, “the music industry is trash.” She did though collaborate during the year with Janelle Monáe, Poppy and Loona. And of course, her relationship with Tesla’s top man did not go unnoticed. Such public scrutiny does not always the best art make, but Grimes is showing how she’s beating back the odds on staid celebrity with “We Appreciate Power.”

Amber Heard Swims Her Way Into Our Haute Couture Hearts

While the costume design in this latest comic book movie offering will surely stun fans, cosplayers, and simple moviegoers all, Heard has been truly stepping up her red carpet appearances (although the carpet at London Leicester Square premier was an ocean blue). Adding a shower cap to her latest ensemble certainly sets the bar high for alternatives to what our stars dare wear.

Riding Over Controversy With Jennifer Lawrence and Dior

In the case of this new Dior campaign though whether this was conscious culture robbing (one tends to doubt) or Lawrence and Dior fall into the category of actual appropriation, it comes as no surprise, at the very least, that the fashion designer would use Jennifer Lawrence. She has been the face of the brand now for six years.

Wonderful Pictures & Words From 2018 FashioNXT

We just received a blog link and some wonderful pictures about 2018 FashioNXT, where we showed a bunch of our latex wardrobe down the show’s runway during the Friday night of the event. Fashion blogger, Remanda Xiang, on her STYLE RIGHT blog provides copy of the entire show (with such complimentary comments about us), while the pictures provided by photographer Bassel Hamieh perfectly capture our models.

Who Wore What: The 2018 People’s Choice Awards, The Country Music Awards and The 19th Annual Latin Grammy Awards

The last event of the week, the Latin Grammy’s, saw stars reveal the most risqué, alternative and downright sexiest fashions of all three events. Ana de la Reguera stepped high and proud in her billowing magenta top and little black hot pants. Halsey wore that nude dress style; hers draped with light color beads. Her close-cropped hair and the body-hugging floor length gown made her look like a 20’s flapper.

Stan Lee: Excelsior!

Modern popular literature, superhero haute couture and all of us who love our flights of fantastic fancy owe a debt to Stan Lee that can only be paid by celebrating the man for as long as we can

Angel Tears, Shawn Mendes and a $1 Million Bra

Also on hand were sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid (who did not walk last year) Lima, Elsa Hosk, Candice Swanepoel, Jasmine Tookes and many others. The lingerie and outfits the ladies modeled ranged from Gigi in floral tights, bra, shoes and a parachute-like floral train. In fact, quite often the models wore float-y, in some cases, even inflatable ‘banners,’ as much as wings this night.

Nicki Minaj Does It Again…To Billboard

We offer our most heart-felt congratulations of such an amazing accomplishment from one of our most stunning original current pop stars, Nicki Minaj. A star who continues to challenge her musical peers as much the fashion world. A world we are proud to say we are part of.

Halloween Costume Marvel: Heidi Klum As Princess Fiona

It’s as hard to get past Halloween without some latex accessory or a carved pumpkin, as it is not mentioning what Heidi Klum wore. The supermodel’s annual Halloween party is infamous for celebrities coming out dressed in all their finest Halloween frockery. But it’s most famous for Klum revealing her yearly pulling-out-all-the-stops over-the-top amazing costume concoction.