Lady Gaga & Voice Vivafragrance

But the marriage of her song “Sine From Above,” and how perfectly Piccioli has dressed the diva in the past (plus Gaga’s Italian heritage that Piccioli noted in some Instagram posts recently) make for another smashing, high-cultural collaboration between the star and the designer.

Diana Rigg: Fashion Icon, Multi-award Winning Actress, Empowered Grande Dame

Arguably the lady’s most famous character, “Emma Peel,” was the very embodiment of a sexy, empowered women kicking ass (literally) during the mid-’60s of swinging England. Wearing as much dangerously sexy outfits (and there is no mistaking the fetish wardrobe, really!) as mod fashions on The Avengers, Rigg became as much a fashion icon as many a teenage boy’s (and some girl’s) fantasy.

Torture GarDen vs. COVID-19

As it has with almost every business on the planet, COVID-19 certainly cut into fetish events, latex fashion shows, and pretty much the see-and-be-seen scene. But one of the biggest producers of those kinds of events in London, the well-known house of alternative wardrobes and naughty fun, Torture Garden, returns with their “Pearl Necklace Supper Club Night.”

Hooray For The MET!

In light of COVID-19’s shutdown, nobody much imagined they’d see the usual array of latex couture, wild lace and leather creations, and all the other fantastic wardrobe usually associated with the yearly Met Ball. But this year, even without our best and brightest celebrities showing up to show off, the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art …

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o matter if we saw latex jumpsuits, leather-and-lace combinations, or lingerie worn as an accessory, we all knew this year’s VMA’s would be different than any in the show’s three-decade history. Playing across our TVs, tablets, and other streaming devices, the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards came at us all last Sunday night, socially distanced as we all knew it had to be, but still as colorful and wild as ever, inside and out.

Accessorizing With Rapper Mulatto

I’m always excited when wardrobe projects local to Atlanta come my way. And to once again be involved in the modern music scene is something Dawnamatrix is as much striving for as anything else we do in our particular couture business. I want to thanks stylists Tabitha Sanchez and Todd White for the chance to dress the “Queen of Da Souf,” Mulatto. It was a pleasure to be part of her world for even a brief time.

Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies

s crucial as latex couture is to us, alternative fashions, cosplay, etc. we have to admit, that sometimes, what somebody is not wearing makes for a more impactful story. Mr. Skin’s Jim McBride has been attempting to prove this on his very popular Howard Stern-approved website for decades. Now, he has released a documentary, Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies, approaching the who, when, and where someone showed themselves across the history of motion pictures.

Dissecting The Sexy Fashions, Lyric and Look Of Cardi B’s “WAP”

As mentioned in our last blog, we will explore all the latex couture, candy-colored bodysuits, animal prints, bouncing décolleté, golden sculptures of butts and breasts, and guest stars in Cardi B’s new video for her song “WAP.” The Colin Tilley-directed clip opens with the camera taking us through a gate and past naked female ‘fountains’ …

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Kansai Yamamoto

In recent years we have seen plenty of fashion designers creating latex costumes, alternative bespoke wardrobe pieces, and signature accessories for some of our most illustrious pop stars. We almost take for granted the marriage of haute couture and pop. And one could argue that Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto was one of the earliest to …

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Fans of the fantastic are wondering how (even if) precisely they might experience the usual round of cosplayers, latex costume wearers, and rabid anime players at this year’s “Comic-Con@Home.” The grand-daddy San Diego Comic-Con International is taking place digitally this year (and for free) happening the same weekend as it usually did at San Diego’s …


The Very ‘FashionAble’ Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With our attention on latex fashions and alternative wardrobe styles, we’re often reporting on stories about movies, celebrities, and music. Seemingly every day, there comes an Instagram picture of a Kardashian rocking some cool new outfit or a ‘dropped’ video featuring some luscious fetish look. And even though the latest spate of superhero movies might …

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Lady Gaga & Ariana grande Make it rain

Have you seen the latex costuming in Lady Gaga’s duet with Ariana Grande, on the video clip for Rain On Me,? Better yet, have you seen the two divas leading a ‘live’ weather report, called “Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Are The Chromatica Weather Girls”?  Here’s the first: Here’s the second: The bespoke …

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