BALENCIAGA/Stock Exchange/Latex

A bunch of models, covered pretty much head-to-toe in latex bodysuits, were featured in a see-and-be-scene above and beyond even the most creative haute couture fashion show locations

From Vera Wang’s Mouth To A Latex Wedding Dress

Creating our latex wedding gowns as we have, we have always encouraged brides to be as “free” and “inventive” as possible. And with the June bride season just about upon us, as we do every year, we wonder just what we might see in the fashion expression brides might show this year. 

Julia Fox, Latex Or Not?

Any nod to latex, even if it is in error, I guess we need to be happy with, and certainly Julia Fox, more than most, has been wearing creations we love…latex or not.

Runway Plus Down Under

Agent Chelsea Bonner of Bella Management “down under” organized a runway show dedicated exclusively to plus-size designers.

Ashley Graham’s Spanx Billboard Baring

Graham shot pictures in the nude, just three and a half months postpartum, for Spanx’s Silver Linings fabric. The company is using this fabric to make all-white pants and shorts of “100% opacity,” they claim, “no matter how dark one’s underwear.” 

The Met Gala

And rapper Stormzy wore an all-white Burberry three-piece wool suit with satin lapels and a matching white cape, capes on men, were very evident this year.

CinemaCon Gives Us A Peek At Barbie &…Wonka

Whatever more we learn about Wonka, it’s safe to assume from what we have seen so far and what we already know his wardrobe variety will not be as varied as the fashion icon influencer of every generation of young girls since she came on the scene in 1959

The “Fashion Act” coming to a Legislature Near You

And there’s no denying the worldwide climate change debate, a need for better labor practices, and the bottom-line economic impact of the past two years. But where the Fashion Act, if made into law, could lead remains to be seen. 

When Real Life Meets Cosplay On Morning TV

re is the dividing line between fiction and fact, virtual and real, and cosplay and couture these days? Janelle Monáe is certainly challenging all of these (and more) expectations.

Met Gala, Part 2, May 2nd, 2022

of latex couture at the Met Gala doesn’t mean we all haven’t seen some arresting alternate fashion moments.

Kim Kardashian Does It Again

rd to say who champions or simply wears latex more, a Kim Kardashian, a Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Katy Perry, or most recently, Christina Aquilera. She seems to be showing up just about everywhere these days in latex or leather.

Regencycore And Praising The Latex Corset

Indeed, the costumers, actors, and those cosplayers playing with Regencycore are not likely to pick a latex corset if they are looking for a true historical read on their sartorial choices.

Will The Real Cassandra Peterson Please Stand Up

And now, we will see Peterson in The Munsters movie, which is supposed to be released in theatres and on the Peacock streaming network later in the year, looking nothing like what we are used to seeing her.

Met Gala, 2x

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Regina King will host the gala on May 2nd (the usual day of this fundraiser occurring the first Monday of May) as official co-chairs.

Big $, Classic Comic: Marvel Victorious

Comic creators, and certainly their fans, don’t forget their history. And, as we see from this story, some fans will indeed pay a princely sum for what they love.

The Sweetness of Sweetest Pie

“Sweetest Pie,” is pretty much a stunning all-around accomplishment directed by David Meyers and starring two of our most amazing modern talents.

Unmasked on The Masked Singer

On a show built around the premise that contestants stay ‘masked’ until they lose around and are requested to reveal who they are, this wardrobe malfunction (even if it could technically be called that) is big news.

2022 SAG Award STyles

Other than Venus Williams in white Dolce Gabbana over a silver corset, and Jared Ledo in a Gucci wrinkly silk pale blue suit, the outfit that arguably garnered the most attention (said to have “broken” the net most recently) was Lady Gaga’s white column Armani gown.

Going Batty For Zoë Kravitz

The actress who plays Catwoman in the new movie was dressed in a bespoke Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, sporting super sexy Bat-Signal-like cutouts over her breasts.

Beyoncé In Red Latex Warms Our Hearts

As we’ve mentioned plenty here, when we first started in the business in 2009, black was arguably the ‘go to’ color for latex fashionistas and fetish costume wearers (and yes, we have worn our share of black latex outfits and accessories over the years!)

Sharon Stone And ‘That’ Dress

The dress was designed specifically to give Stone the ability to move her arms and legs, and as she says, “take up space, and exercise control over a room full of men.”

Aura Tout Vu & LELO

Sure, latex fuels so much cosplay and lots of alternative fashion right along sight PVC, leather, and rubber.

Minnie Mouse & Stella McCartney

For Minnie’s McCartney pantsuit, the designer has designed a blue tuxedo, made from what she assures us are “responsibly sourced fabrics.”

Katy Perry, Latex, Mushrooms, SNL

Classic, cartoony, self-deprecating stuff from Katy Perry, who we have always known not to take her stage turns and video moments all that seriously. And some serious latex fun moments we applaud her for.

Prada, Madonna, a little Lick & Kacey Musgraves?

Here’s another round-up of latex, leather, runway, celebrity stylings from recent postings and happenings. We are not even into the second week of the New Year, and there is so much to feast our eyes and ears on.