Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio strutted into the proceedings wearing a slithery body-hugging brushed silver metallic latex gown.

HISS At Megan TheE Stallion

What we get with HISS is all one can expect in a modern diva rap star’s video, with the diva out front, unabashedly showing all of who and what she is. 

Kristin Juszczyk Highly Visible Fashion Moment

Taylor Swift, who we all know is dating Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs (another 2024 Superbowl hopeful), has been seen, and seen plenty on camera during the broadcast, in Kristin’s couture.

Swans, Argylle and Katy’s Antennas

Chasing down celebrities wearing a latex accessory or an entire latex wardrobe when making particular appearances, during on-stage performances, or even in video clips can feel like a full-time job.

Latex Q&A

The WearLatex site has just published its Latex Guide – It lists two categories of questions, ranging from those with “zero knowledge up to a complete latex geek.”

Celebrate International Fetish Day

Wearing latex next Friday or any other day of the week might indeed show you have a fetish or two, or maybe that you just like dressing in latex.

Let’s Talk J. Lo’s Cut-Outs

Although our cheeky skirt might be an extreme example (and one you need be ever careful where it is you wear), cut-outs are not unusual as much in latex couture as they are in all kinds of alternative fashions.

Here Comes The…Latex Bride 2024

But overall, when it comes to bridal fashions (even fashions for grooms), we find requests run the gambit, above and beyond what is currently popular or predicted to be.

Latex in 2024?

Surely, we see latex accessorizes, mix and matched latex pieces with other textiles and full latex wardrobes beyond a rap diva’s video or cosplay dress up.

Looking At Alternative Fashions 2023-Part 2

Were there more moments of latex finery in 2023…you bet. And there will be more to come in 2024, we are sure. Stay tuned and happy New Year (a week early) to you all.

Looking At 2023 Fashions-Part 1

ndeed, there were stunning latex turns this year; we promise we’ll get to them. But there were many other interesting and sometimes completely alt. couture moments that we all saw…and might not have believed.

Fashion awards london

Unfortunately, looking for latex couture at the most recent Fashion Awards in London was a fool’s errand.

Dawnamatrix & Sukeban In Miami

Writer Cassidy George starts by commenting on how pro-women Japanese wrestling was a surprise to lots of the usual Art Basel Miami patrons.

Vogue Weighs In On The Popularity Of Latex In 2023

Yes, it is latex ‘here to stay.’ Yes, it is a favorite material of our better-known. Yes, it is the damn sexiest material you can wiggle your curves into. And yes, it comes in many colors, styles, and wardrobe items.

National Red Mitten Day

And although we are more comfortable in latex gloves when accessorizing something for our hands, surely in the cold months (and surely in Canada) a mitten, red or otherwise, could make an outing ever more comfortable.

Dolly Parton Rocks In Latex?

One might say that this all began with latex when Dolly finally accepted her R&RHoF award by performing on the night she was inducted wearing a latex catsuit.

Dallas Fetish Ball

Everything might be bigger in Texas, as the old saying goes, but the big old state played perfect host to a great time for the alternative fashion faithful fetish fan. 

Erika Jayne Does It Again…and Again

The main takeaway though is that Erika Jayne loves her latex…and she damn well has a body that looks great in the second-skin material.

Adele in Velvet, Bieber in Latex and The Riverdale Ladies as DC’s Leading Vixens: Halloween 2023

And not that she wore latex (and speaking of velvet!), but we can always count on Heidi Klum to bring the costume A-game. This year, she was dressed as a peacock, a cadre of Cirque du Soleil’s acrobats around her. She came dressed in a blue velveteen jumpsuit with added prosthetics that looked just like a bird’s beak and feet. Her husband, Tom Kaulitz, dressed as an egg.

Lots of Latex Off Our Shores

Lastly, traveling to Italy, an American celebrity wearing latex, Kourtney Kardashian-Barker, is featured on the present front cover of Vanity Fair Italia.

The Real Housewives Of….Latex

This week, though, there was a good amount of our favorite textile both seen and even talked about in connection with the Bravo hit series.

Dawnamatrix in FOS

have been quoted, as to have contributed some knowledge of latex fashion to this new article, that has just been published on the Future Of Sex website

Madonna Returns….Is There Latex?

While Madonna has certainly given us all a good look-see of lace, leather, and, yes, latex costumes in her stage costumes of past, it was anybody’s guess what we’d get when the Material Lady returned to concert stages.

Wrestling Latex With Sukeban

I collaborated with fashion designer Olympia Le-Tan to create her designs in latex for the Harajuku Stars wrestlers.

The Fine Line Between Latex and Rubber Couture

When it comes to the kind of couture we make, champion, and hope Northen Rubberworks finds continued success with, what only ever matters is what the wearer likes and feels confident in wearing…be it rubber, latex, or both.