Debbie Harry Does It Again

Harry and Marc Jacobs are long-standing friends, having released a Blondie-inspired collaboration twelve years ago.

Summer Latex Colors

For this summer coming and for any other season…latex colors are IN!

Cannes Couture

Lastly, our more ‘mature’ celebrities made the news as Dame Helen Mirren dyed her hair blue to match her Del Core powder blue gown. While Catherine Deneuve was in a long silk Louis Vuitton that required three hundred hours of work to create.

2023 Eurovision Song Contest Couture

Having worked often with global designers, be they makers of latex couture or working with a host of other textiles, we are ever so appreciative and interested in world couture.

The 2023 Met Gala

And while stars like Halle Bailey, Karen Elson, Rita Ora, and surely Rachel Brosnahan went with the naked dress look, the absolute winner in showing themselves off has to be Lil Nas X.

Chasing Freddie Mercury’s Pants

From long flowing white or black tops with batwing sleeves to deep neckline tight ballet bodysuits to that infamous yellow and red military jacket currently making a statement in this Tache’ commercial for Amazon Prime, Queen’s front man never disappointed.

CinemaCon 2023 Couture

At this year’s opening night, “Photocall,” red carpet, and across plenty of panels, one might very well have said that it has been a sure case of their upcoming movie roles influencing what the stars wore.

Superhero Couture In The Marvels Trailer

PVC, possibly some latex, new iterations on classic costumes, and lots of female power; there is much to unpack in the just-released The Marvels trailer.

#Clowncore Anyone?

Polka dots, clashing prints, rainbow colors, balloon pants, big collars, and bows, as much as child-like accessories, are the order of the day here.

Lady Gaga-NYC-Harley Quinn

In the scenes seen, this Harley Quinn wears red lipstick matching her equally bright, tight red blazer with its short sleeves meeting at the elbows.

NASA & David Byrne; All Suited Up

NASA astronauts have used basically the same space suit design for the past 40 years, and while it has proven its effectiveness, it was always particularly limiting for movement.

Academy Award Couture…and

This year’s Oscar telecast of the 95th Academy Awards did not disappoint in this way. But this year, there was much more to style than just what the stars were wearing.

Dawnamatrix @ The Fralin Museum

The pictures you see here were taken from a Dawnamatrix fashion show a couple of weeks ago, held at the Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia.

The Shiny Sofa, Latex Fashion Podcast

Yes, The Shiny Sofa originates from the UK, a country with a grand latex fashion tradition, as much born from the fetish scene as haute couture.

Goodbye Yummy Gummy

Sad as we are to see any latex designer go (competition or not), we were especially saddened to hear that Yummy Gummy Latex is closing up shop.