Lingerie, latex, and DojA Cat: Victoria’s Secret The Tour 2023

Lingerie, latex, and Doja Cat; a winning combination? It would seem so. Up until now, we all had only sketchy details about the upcoming Victoria’s Secret runway show film documentary, which we blogged about a few months ago. But the world learned this week that The Tour 2023 will feature singer Doja Cat. 

As one can expect, fronting a show like this one, the  “Say So” singer is basing some of her costuming for the upcoming part doc/part concert/part runaway show/part behind-the-scenes on collaborations with VS, some of which can be seen in this teaser videoOne outfit we were particularly taken with, and that Doja Cat spoke about this week, is made of nude latex, something she worked with especially Victoria’s Secret creative director Brett Alan Nelson.

And again, can be seen in the video.

Raúl Martinez, EVP and Head Creative Director at Victoria’s Secret, added this about the event that airs across Prime Video on the 26th of September.

This film is the ultimate expression of the Victoria’s Secret brand transformation. It will be driven by fashion, glamour, and entertainment with a nod to beloved iconography from the past but in a bold, redefined way. We are so honored to offer our platform and have it explored through the lens and artistry of global creatives who celebrate the individuality of women’s stories and perspectives.

A massive undertaking and possibly rebranding for the brand after years away, and some sure press controversies, The Tour 2023 is creatively directed by Partel Oliva, with four different actual directors on the film itself; Ari Wegner cinematographer and Joseph Bennett oversee its production design and Camilla Nickerson assists on the all important style of the production.

Doja Cat revealed this week that she’s been working on new music (as her fans have been hoping), and it is said she will be debuting two of her new songs during the VS show.

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