Blackpink At 7

Taylor Swift might be celebrating her ‘eras,’ but did you know that K-pop group Blackpink celebrates the 7th anniversary of their debut this week; music, alt. couture, and indeed some latex wardrobe all feature in their unprecedented ascendency.

Although entertainment agency YG Entertainment seemingly prohibits the young ladies in this band from “dating, driving, and drinking” to avoid any negative attention to their reputations, Jennie Kim, Kim Jisoo, Lalisa “Lisa” Manobal, and Roseanne “Rosé” Park certainly push the envelope with their songs and costuming.

To so much popularity.

From the video for their early hit “Lovesick Girls,” garnering controversy when Jennie wore a tight short skirt nurse’s uniform and cap, to the ladies running through an array of sexy and cute couture in their “Pink Venom” video, including Rosé in a latex mini dress. To their breakout performance at 2019’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (2019) and the thirty thousand dollars of leather corsets, they wore at the annual “SBS Gayo Daejeon” music fest. Here is a group well-fashioned in their fashions as well as their sound.

Although pop stars need to keep constant and vigilant attention to what they wear, say, and sing to as much reflect trends as make them, Blackpink’s 2016 Melon Music Awards appearance saw the quartet set a much-seen, and most talked about fashion debut. Balancing that fine line between sexy and sweet, the Blackpink crew appeared in various colors and textures of red, white, and black schoolgirl outfits.

The ladies also show their individual styles as they do high-pop costume coordination. During their performance for the American morning show, Good Morning America, the ladies performed in New York’s Times Square, each with a singular and different look than their sisters. Lisa wore a Balenciaga top and Levi’s, Rosé in a Peggy Moffit x Comme des Garcons mini-dress, Jennie in a soft blue Chanel short suit, and Jisoo in an Alexandre Vauthier dress. 

And lastly, paying homage to their home country, the ladies managed to modernize Korean traditional formalwear, wearing clothes from hanbok designer Danha in their “How You Like That” video from 2020.

And these are just some of the amazing fashion moments Blackpink have given us.

Celebrate with Blackpink here.

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