Yes, Virginia, There Was Latex At The VMA’s

In all the excitement at this year’s MTV VMA’s (which we wrote about here) we forgot to get into some obvious latex wardrobe displays. Searching through red carpet walk-ins, and onstage moments we actually missed a few of the more obvious turns of our best and brightest wearing our most favorite textile (granted one band wore their latex at interviews and photo-ops the general public was not privy to). So, here are a few latex couture moments that just came to light for us after a smidgen more of a deep dive over the VMA’s just passed.

Never let it be said we don’t do our research….even, if it might come weeks later.   

There was Yung Miami in high-cut briefs, cup bra, and an oversized trench jacket, all from Atsuko Kudo. She was seen in this ensemble during her brief broadcast cameo during P. Diddy’s appearance. Even with all that was going on across the stage at this moment, Yung Miami still made an impression.

Luxx Noir London, a participant in Ru Paul’s Drag Race, wore stunning back latex at the award show held in Newark NJ this year. As we have always said, it matters not one’s gender, ethnicity, size, or age; anyone can wear latex for any reason. The participants in the famous Ru Pual show surely know how to outfit themselves.

And there was the three-sister strong rock band The Warning, from Mexico. They didn’t wear latex for their performance at the VMA’s but they surely, in quite the variety this trio revealed, wore our favorite textile during the aforementioned photo ops and interviews.

Lastly, and probably the most heralded, was Demi Lovato in a Venus Prototype with its corset, and long skirt. She accessorized with latex leggings, latex gloves, with her guitarist also dressed in latex (you can see her and her guitarist, both in latex, in the screen capture from the performance above).

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