Attendees WOW At Paris Fashion Week 2023

As is generally true at Fashion Weeks around the world, we see ever more interesting couture, be it latex, leather, or even some wardrobe-making statements on attendees, than what comes down the runway during various haute couture designer shows.
And this past week in Paris, the celebrity attendees did not disappoint.
Florence Pugh once again showed up in a see-thru dress. Last year she wore a transparent pink Valentino. This year the actress went with the same designer, stepping through the Parisian sunshine in a transparent lilac-colored dress with a low neckline and back, topped with a bow detail.
Although not as well-known as an actress, Estonian rapper Tommy Cash might have worn the most interesting outfit. Having as much morphed himself into mime Marcel Marceau as a restaurant table in past showings< Cash attended the Jean Paul Gaultier x Julien Dossena show in tight faux nude muscle suit.
Naomi Campbell was in balloon shoes, Emily Ratajkowski in a leaf-shaped shirt, and Jared Leto accessorized his black and white suit with leather gloves. Supposedly, Leto will play Karl Lagerfeld in a future upcoming biopic about the fashion icon. And UK model Mia Regan wore a tunic dress with a face on it.
Cardi B, rocked the most variety of interesting wardrobe choices.
She initially came into the Paris Week grounds in a fur-covered shawl, only to remove it to reveal her busty body in a gold-lined strapless velvet gown. It sported a doorknocker across the stomach. Walking into Thom Browne’s debut couture show, she wore a tweed suit with a skirt and a golden veil. When the lady rapper attended the Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2023 Couture Collection Runway Show, she wore yet another outfit, a high-necked, long-sleeve one-piece with illustrations of prisoners and chains. And what might be described as her most alt. couture getup, Cardi paired a black latex body suit with a puffy green skirt for the Balenciaga show just two days ago.

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