The Burning Of Atlanta, Again, With Latex

We have always claimed, and we are sure you would agree, that our favorite latex wardrobe pieces have got to be some of the hottest outfits we own. But last night in Dawnamatrix’s home state, Atlanta was besieged with a huge traffic shutdown as a tractor-trailer caught fire carrying 18 pallets of liquid latex.

As a latex designer working on fitting, cutting, and rendering the textile we love so much, there have been occasions when we have suffered an injury or two. Luckily our mishaps have never been so bad to set our work back, cause all that much bodily harm, or have us begin to question or work. But rendering is not free of risks. No, certainly nothing on the order of working on a roof, but ‘you-know-what’ happens all the time to us all.

We hardly, if ever though, have heard of a latex mishap like the one that happened last night to cause I-285 to be closed until opening just this morning.

Luckily no injuries were reported here, so we can relate this news with this slightly tongue-in-cheek blog. And we can also report that even though Dawnamatrix Designs is in the same state, that the latex in the truck was not headed our way. But one can just imagine how quickly liquid latex got to burning, how hot that blaze had to have been, and, let’s face it, how it might have all smelled!

The news reports we have explored don’t indicate if any of the latex got free from the truck, and if it did, how much of it spread across the roadway. If it had, surely an overhead shot of that scene would have been interesting, to say the least. The shot we included at the top of this blog was one from last night’s news video and only shows trucks gathering.

Just know that as you were sleeping, latex was creeping, Sherman-like, through Atlanta. But the roadway is now clear.

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