Debbie Harry Does It Again

Ok, it might not be latex, but it is leather and features a rock and roll icon.

In pictures shot for his new campaign just posted across the brand’s Instagram page, designer Marc Jacobs announced, “Marc Jacobs has invited the lead vocalist of the iconic band Blondie to introduce the reimagined St. Marc silhouette.” And there stands (and in a few pictures, sits) the infamous lead singer Debbie Harry of the legendary NYC-based band Blondie, in an all-black leather wardrobe of jacket and pants. In the shot styled by Sydney Rose Thomas and shot by Chris Rhodes, Harry holds Marc Jacob’s new St. Marc bag, the center of this new ad push.

In other shots from the same campaign, a campaign that also includes Kate Moss’s daughter Lila Moss, and rapper Bktherula, to name but a few, Harry sits on a couch wearing a black-and-white dress, accessorizing with Marc Jacobs’ Kiki platforms shoes and black leather gloves. In another picture posted, she sits while actress Ever Anderson stands; Harry in a black turtleneck, holding a yellow St. Marc bag, Anderson in a long black and white dress, also holding the yellow clutch.

In the brand’s press release, Marc Jacobs advised:

“The St. Marc bag draws inspiration from the original bag first showcased on the fall 2016 runway and has now been modernized with new elevated details. The bag is crafted from luxurious Italian leather, including a distinctive M shape, and is crowned with our signature chain link J Marc hardware closure. This style is available in three silhouettes, including a top handle, a mini top handle, and a convertible clutch.”

Harry and Marc Jacobs are long-standing friends, having released a Blondie-inspired collaboration twelve years ago. Speaking to Rolling Stone about that project, as much as what she could be saying about this new campaign, Harry said:

“Marc and I are both very involved in the downtown arts scene and try to help when we can. The opportunity came up again, so we went for it.”

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