Kylie Cosmetics Features Latex…This Week

Why not dress as you want, especially if, as you want, it means you get to dress in and accessorize around some latex couture?

This week Kylie Jenner released new photos and a behind-the-scenes video she just shot for her Kylie Cosmetics brand. The 25-year-old media star, model, mom, and business owner dressed in a skin-tight white sleeveless latex bodysuit that fitted snuggly as shorts across her upper thighs, with her dark hair slicked back for the stunning campaign. Leaning against a white wall in a few of the shots, Jenner even accessorized with dark sunglasses at one point and fuzzy sandals.

We have all seen this Kardashian/Jenner cast member, as well as all the sisters, often sporting our favorite textile. Be it for red carpet see-and-be-seen events or just regular postings from hastily snapped paparazzi hunting, latex is nearly ubiquitous as the go-to in the wardrobes of these ladies. In Kylie’s shoot here, though, we have a brand head, multi-million dollar earning entrepreneur choosing to be seen in latex when advertising her wares.

How cool is that?

The Kardashian-sizing of the culture comes under criticism as it does envy on a regular basis. But there is simply no denying the influence the women of this family have had on the media these past few years. And beyond their popular broadcast/streaming shows, almost all of the ladies have had or still do keep some presence in either the fashion business, cosmetics, or some other lifestyle brands.

At the heart of all this latex-wearing, and as is undoubtedly true in Kylie Jenner’s case, is how comfortable she and her sisters seem to be cavorting in latex couture as well as how great they look wearing it. The Kardashian/Jenner ladies have never been shy of their curves, and in these latest pictures snuggled into her tight vanilla-colored bodysuit as she is, Kylie’s fantastic body, as well as her confidence wearing latex, is well accentuated.

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