Will Julia Fox Deliver Some Primetime Latex Couture?

Maybe in Julia Fox’s hands, we can hope for some latex couture?

Ex of Kanye West, co-star of Adam Sandler’s Uncut Gems, fashion designer/add campaign feature/actor Fox, has NBCUniversal working on delivering her own fashion design competition series. It’s not exactly set what NBCU cable network the show might appear on (could be E!, Bravo, or someplace else), but the series, called OMG Fashun, is being launched from Scout Productions, the powers-that-be behind Netflix’s Queer Eye.

As Fox posted on TikTok about the show: “I’m going to be hosting one on a major TV network. I can’t believe those words just came out of my mouth. Now, the fun part. I’m looking for you. Are you a fashion disrupter? A savant? Do you upcycle? Do you make dresses out of seashells or leaves or tampon applicators but make it fashion? Then you are who I’m looking for.”

Known for her provocative fashion turns, just this week at New York Fashion Week, Fox was seen out and about in various eye-catching alt-fashions.

She wore a super mini corset dress featuring an embroidered bodice, a full skirt over it, and a large bow. Strappy high white pumps, opera gloves, and a long white veil over her entire body, and a white clutch spelling out “Til Death Do Us Part,” completed this most interesting wedding couture looks.

She also stepped out to Pandora’s lab-grown diamonds display in a two-piece mini skirt and top made of various watch faces and straps. These were hung vertically from a thin leather backing strip of a waistband Fox was wearing (see the pic at the top of this blog).

And at the end of the week, the thirty-three-year-old star wore heart-trimmed bespoke leather nipple covers with a cage-deigned corset, accessorizing with low-rise leather leggings, all from designer Seks.

Yes, Julie Fox might just be what a TV fashion shows needs right about now.

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