Discussing Latex Couture With The Ladies Of Rick’s Cabaret New York

Fans, fashionistas, and even the causal wearer come to build their latex wardrobe or acquire a few outfits at various stages in their life and for various reasons. Being a designer of this specific textile, we have been immersed in creating latex couture, from high-end bespoke wedding gowns to the well-known black latex catsuit, to latex accessories like gloves and masks, for catalogs and clients of every manner. Then there are the countless items and outfits we have made for music videos, magazine shoots, and onstage performances. Through a brief chat we managed below, we found out, once and for all, about how latex does and does not fit into the nightly routine and lives of a dancers working at the famous Rick’s Cabaret New York club.

As Rick’s dancer Kristin relates about wearing latex at the tri-level, mid-town Manhattan gentleman’s club, “Maybe in my personal life but never at the club. It would be too hard to keep taking it off, putting it back on, taking it off.” 

Surely, Kristin’s specific consideration is one a dancer in the specific environment she works in would be most concerned about. Our favorite textile has its advantages, but in her case more disadvantages for the movement and duration of how she comes to snuggle into and out of her wardrobe during her time dancing.

“But I think if I had the right latex outfit, I would wear it in my personal life, like on a date or something,” she does add.

Rick’s ‘girls’ Natalia and Kelly are also quick to agree that while latex couture might be something they’d take to in their personal lives or “out and about,” dressing in any kind of wardrobe made of latex is just not practical for the kind of work the women do.

No matter what they might be wearing, one can see for themselves the powerful allure of ladies like Natalia, Kelly, and Kristin, and the rest of the nearly one hundred women who descend upon Rick’s Cabaret nightly by visiting Rick’s every day of the week, at 50 W. 33rd Street in mid-town Manhattan.

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