Shania Latex?

In announcing her latest residency, COME ON OVER — The Las Vegas Residency — All The Hits! we have to wonder if we see some latex on Shania Twain this time around.

 “Performing in Vegas is a huge honor, and I love this theatre,” the 57-year-old superstar said. But knowing how this woman has relied on stage couture as much as music for her big shows, we take Shania at her word as she claims she will be playing around with fashion even more, this time around in Sin City.

Does that playing include latex couture?

We know that just last month, Shania Twain took to an Ottawa stage in an array of stage costumes, one of which saw her pair her platinum hair with a latex mini skirt and fishnets. Undoubtedly not the first time we have seen her wearing some sort of latex wardrobe, on stage, in video, or just out and about. 

Most famously, Shania sported a full latex suit, head to toe, in her Tron-like I’m Gonna Getcha Good video. She also wore a super sexy tight-back see-thru leotard for the musical performance parts of that clip. And a few years ago, when celebrating her 2nd time in Las Vegas, Shania posted a quick video on Instagram wearing a red latex crop top with low-slung pants. And as far as daring sexy looks go (as much for her and others in her videos), we can’t forget Shania’s infamous Man! I Feel Like A Woman video. This obvious feminist homage to Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” showed the Canadian-born singer in a top hat, long jacket, boots, bustier, long-tailed white shirt with her ‘band’ of hunky men flanking in see-thru skin-tight shirts and what seemed to be shiny latex pants.

We can only wait and see what the venerable Ms. Twain has to show us during her Shania Twain: COME ON OVER – The Las Vegas Residency when it begins in May of 2024. General ticket sales go on sale Monday, August 21 at 10 AM PT via TicketMaster. 

One dollar of every ticket purchased will be donated to Shania Kids Can organization which provides services that promote positive change in children’s lives in times of crisis and economic hardship.

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