Caroline Wozniack Is Blue

Latex, PBV, leather, and, yes, even spandex can all make a statement. Worn by a celebrity at some high-end fashion event or out and about, revealing as much as concealing, the right textile match with the right wardrobe at the right moment will make news. As Caroline Wozniacki did in her return to the US Open this week. 

Wearing an Adidas sleeveless cobalt blue high neck tanksuit when she took to court, in an outfit the Danish tennis star said was a “last-minute thing from Adidas, “Wozniacki wowed them all at Louis Armstrong Stadium in New York’s Flushing Meadows. As she said about her wardrobe choice to those who wanted to know, “I mean, it’s the US Open. Why not? I think that’s my motto at the moment. At this point, we may as well make a statement. I think that’s where I’m at.”

The Dane added: “Actually, because I didn’t let many people know for a long time, it was kind of a last-minute, All right, let’s go for it, let’s try this one. I think it’s cool.”

What’s interesting about Wozniacki’s connection to Adidas is that she claims to have contacted Adidas Denmark’s CEO when she was just ten. As much as introducing herself and telling the businessman that she had just won her country’s national championship, the pre-teen tennis hopeful told the company head that Adidas needed to get behind her at that stage as she was destined to be a star. Adidas did indeed begin sending her catalogs every season, from which Wozniacki chose whatever she wanted to wear for her matches.

Wozniacki has played with and enjoyed her sense of sartorial style off the court as well, appearing at award show appearances in sexy sparkly gowns as much as for Sports Illustrated swimsuits. This lady tennis star proves that there really are so many ways we can all look great in the clothes we wear, no matter where we wear them and what they are made of.

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