Be a Fashion Dreamer With Nintendo

We all know gaming influences cosplay, latex design, superhero costuming, and alt. fashions. And we are all equally aware that Nintendo is a big player in this world. The mega gaming company has just announced that it is releasing a fashion designer game at the end of the year that will allow players to become a top fashion influencer.

Just yesterday, this trailer dropped for Fashion Dreamer. In the game, players work as influencers to create outfits for characters (called Muses), gain followers, grab new items, snap selfies, and of course, design their own couture and accessories. The fictional world where the game takes place is made of four “Cocoons” with their own distinctive theme. And as is true of our very best games, players/creators will be able to interact with others playing Fashion Dreamer, no matter where in the world players might be. 

People interested in fashion will surely take to the new Fashion Dreamer, as those who have no care for couture but simply like games. As will Nintendo fans who jump on whatever new property the game designer releases. And, as we all surely believe, whether one is influenced by a game, or in the case of the new Fashion Dreamer can influence by playing a game; in the end, if the player is having fun and being creative in the way they see fit, then it is all time well spent. 

Fashion Dreamers is not the first fashion game, nor the first one Nintendo has released. Back at the end of the 2010s, the company released the Style Savvy series (called Girls Mode in Japan and Nintendo presents: Style Boutique in Europe), which has players working in a clothing store and “styling” customers.

We don’t need evidence of how important fashion is to our culture, be it latex couture, designers creating bags and shoes, or the many celebrities attending runway shows around the world. But when the gaming world features clothing and styling, you know fashion has arrived!

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