Another Summer Passes…And, Yes, We Again Wore Latex

No real fashion news this time out or a notice of which celeb was seen wearing latex. Summer movies have come, with Barbie seeming to be the popping pink champion of the bunch, even ahead of Tom Cruise and yet another impossible mission. And, yes, there have been some cool videos ‘dropped’ with some interesting costuming. As always, trends came and went, and more are even now being considered for the fall. But generally speaking, as we have every year, those of us latex fashion lovers got through another summer with our latex wardrobes intact.

Whether you came to wear a latex catsuit as a part of some cosplay couture for a walk-thru San Diego’s Comic-Con, hit one of the many alt. fashion events, parties, or conventions that happen across the world, or, like us, gearing up for another World of Wearable Art competition; even as hot as the summer got for many of us, latex couture will always be our second skin, even when our skin might be at its sweatiest.

This is what the non-latex wearer never understands…and we don’t expect them to, of course. Yes, a pair of full-length latex opera gloves can get you heated up pretty damn fast, even if you are stepping out for a high-end winter holiday concert in snow-covered New York City. And we know this, and we love it.

Now, as the fall and Halloween approaches, we realize the casual latex wearer might be more prone to slip into what we all wear regularly, as lots of costume pieces come in either full latex or with latex accessories. But all of us faithful fashionistas will simply roll into the fall, as we always do…not missing a step, wearing what we have always been so comfortable wearing. Be it a latex dress or some interesting piece of lingerie under our usual work attire, whatever the season, you know what we will be wearing.

So, bid a fond adieu to summer 2023. It served us…and our latex well.

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