Come To The UK FoR Your Latex Needs Today

As we always have (and we see no reason why we always won’t), we encourage the latex faithful and the newly curious to search across the Dawnamatrix website for their wardrobe needs. And as we have either visited or participated in many fantastically imaginative runway shows and alternative fashion parties, we know one can also search far and wide around the globe for sartorial choices and influences. Two places where you can find lots of leather, PVC, and latex and join with others shopping and interacting over their non-mainstream choices occur monthly in the UK: the London Alternative Market, or LAM, and the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, also known as the BBB.

The LAM is “London’s first community-supporting market project, held in the heart of the city on the first Sunday of every month.” It’s a great get-together for folks interested in alternative lifestyles and exploring the same i various ways. While fetish and kink wardrobes are always encouraged (and as you know, one person’s ‘fetish’ wardrobe is another’s everyday wear), folks can also attend the LAM in streetwear…or anything else one wants to put on. 

This is the website for LAM, London Alternative Market. Go to the website for more details, buy tickets, and plan your visit.

The BBB boasts “bringing quality fetish businesses together under one roof in Birmingham.” A sure child-free space, here you will find some of the UK’s highes-quality, imaginative vendors. Going here Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar Alternative Lifestyle Market (, you will find the theme for each upcoming month (they seem to have a different one at each BBB) and any other info you’ll need.

What is especially fun about attending events like the LAM and the BBB is not just finding some great buys and unusual styles and maybe connecting with an artisan or friend you have only ever spoken with online; it’s also knowing you are not alone in your choices, hopes, and dreams.  

Enjoy dressing up, meeting new friends and getting out and about in the UK. 

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