Swans, Argylle and Katy’s Antennas

Chasing down celebrities wearing a latex accessory or an entire latex wardrobe when making particular appearances, during on-stage performances, or even in video clips can feel like a full-time job. Catching the mercurial wind of change across weekly blog posts highlighting this ‘look’ or that one just adds to the madness. And while we will always complain that we don’t see nearly enough of our favorite textile in the mainstream (although we all know latex wear becomes more popular every year), it is fun to report on what might have happened on any one given week to spark across our alternative fashion vision from Hollywood.

The above paragraph is the Dawnamatrix way of saying that here, yet again, is another weekly alt. fashion round-up. 

Starting with what Katy Perry wore for Jeff Bezos’ birthday, the singer wins for most unusual transformation. The “American Idol” judge (and hubby Orlando Bloom) kept to the sci-fi theme of the party, with Katy especially enlisting special effects makeup artists to fashion her antennas and pointy ears.

It seems the swans were out for the premier red carpet of Feud: Capote vs. The Swans. Naomi Watts accessorized her outfit by sporting a swan-styled clutch, but Demi Moore got her full swan on by wearing a strapless black-and-white Balmain sporting a swan down the front. Not exactly as daring as Björk, but still…

And the round-up of fashions (some interesting indeed) at the “Argylle” premiere featured Claudia Schiffer wearing a yellow mirrored front Atelier Versace, her cat in her bag on off her hip (the cat is the star of the movie after all). 

Of course, we could have run down Paris Fashion Week that happened recently, but we all seem to be aware that what audience members (lots of celebrated among them) wear gets as much or even more press than the collections being revealed. So, let the above stand as what came and went just recently, some with actual swan-like grace.

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