Kristin Juszczyk Highly Visible Fashion Moment

Sometimes, the tumblers fall into place for maximum cultural and commercial exposure over some fabulous latex outfit. We felt this in our small way when Karty Perry wore our inflatable latex for her Covergirl “Plumpify Mascara” “commercial, seen by many people across broadcast American television. And we saw this—in cultural touchstone moments indeed Dawnamatrix was not part of—as far back as Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman catsuit, when Lady Gaga wore latex when meeting the Queen, as just recently when Timothée Chalamet attended the Japanese Wonka premiere in a long black latex trench.

Latex, front and center and seen by many.

Kristin Juszczyk seems to be presently enjoying one of these right-place-right-time, highly-recognized fashion moments. Kristin is the wife of pro football fullback Kyle Juszczyk. Kyle plays for the 2024 Superbowl hopefuls, the San Francisco 49ers. Through this ‘close’ association, Mrs. Juszczyk was granted a license to use NFL logos in her designs. Kristin, who created a brand called Origin, has been designing and sewing outfits to wear to her husband’s games, most notably “puffer jackets,” to keep her and the wives of other players warm while attending outdoor cold-weather football games. She uses NFL gear, used jerseys, and even footballs to make her couture, sometimes spending up to twenty hours on a single jacket. 

Taylor Swift, who we all know is dating Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs (another 2024 Superbowl hopeful), has been seen, and seen plenty on camera during the broadcast, in Kristin’s couture. And while surely, Kristin’s jackets have been worn by other players’ wives, one doesn’t get bigger on the celebrity spectrum at the moment than Taylor Swift.

Kristin Juszczyk seems off to the proverbial fashion races and leading by more than a nose. There has yet to be confirmation whether she will continue on her own or partner with a designer. But her sudden popularity, as much from the unique designs of her clothes as who wears her jackets, has the lady in a sure highly recognizable fashion moment.

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