HISS At Megan TheE Stallion

Breaking out of an egg to begin her new HISS video, Megan Thee Stallion gives a shout-out to cosplay as much as she wears what indeed seems to be some latex.

To catch all that’s happening, one must pay as close attention to the singer’s lyrics here as the many costume changes. HISS is yet another song/video about Megan’s empowerment, and here we get the 28-year-old singer in a complete solo turn across nearly four minutes.

We see Megan first in two red outfits. The first is a rope bodysuit made by designer Timeekah Murphy, with pieces that actually fall to the ground. The red bodycon she wears next, with cutouts and lying off one shoulder, was made by Rui Zhou.

Of course, this is not a lady afraid to reveal her curvy assets, as Megan does singing in the middle of what can only be described as various pieces of her bare body woven together in a stunning SFX-laden flesh collage.

One of the later outfits Megan wears is a white long-sleeve bra top, facing her mirror image in a sleeveless black one (this is when she makes the cosplay reference). And here’s where it seems somewhere between these two pieces, there is some latex (research is sketchy in trying to find particulars). But later, when she wears a black wispy open-front one-piece, she seems to be sporting latex pasties.

(See the picture above).

For the end of the video, the lady struts in a jeweled top, almost entirely revealing her breasts. She also seen in acid-washed low-riding jeans, with its equally denim band top, silver booty-hugging bell bottoms, and lots of wigs.

What we get with HISS is all one can expect in a modern diva rap star’s video, with the diva out front, unabashedly showing all of who and what she is.  And here, we also might be offered a slight hiss of latex.

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