Latex Q&A

The WearLatex site has just published its Latex Guide – It lists two categories of questions, ranging from those with “zero knowledge up to a complete latex geek.”

For those ‘new to latex’ questions (and answers, provides these as well), there is the ubiquitous, “What is latex?” followed by the other question raised by anyone who has yet to wiggle into a latex dress or even a latex kimono, “What does it feel like to wear latex?” And two questions we hear all the time, “Is latex for fetish wear?” (to which you know what we’d answer…latex is as much for latex wear as any other kind of ‘wear’) and also “How do I care for latex?” To which we’d answer, go here: Latex Care Archives – Dawnamatrix.

The ‘intermediate’ questions range from “Where can I have my latex repaired?” And these two very personal concerns, “What thickness should I buy?” and “How can I introduce my love of latex to a partner?”

Indeed, there are many more questions to consider when considering a latex wardrobe, such as “What to buy next?” and even “What latex accessory can I purchase?” But when we get beyond the more factual answers of how to care for latex, where to purchase latex, and what kind of textures and colors are available in modern-day latex fashion, most of the questions one would ask can only be answered by personal taste and individual sartorial motivations.

And to us, this is what makes latex wear so special. How does what you wear influence your mood, or how does your mood prompt your choice in wardrobe? Why does one person wear latex while another wears leather, or yet never ventures from denim and cotton? All these questions, answers, motivations, feelings, and even fears are always worthy of further discussion, research, and even late-night canoodling conversation with our special person…or a group of friends ready to step out to a party, wearing latex.

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